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Salty Seven Video Blog #1 (Yay!)

Well actually..I guess this is the second. I made one a few months ago, which I removed. I was incredibly bored when I filmed this. lol.


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Staying Motivated & Managing Time

Man. So so hard. I’m not sure about most of you reading this, but I’ve NEVER managed my time. I normally just drift through out my day, week, month…and life. It really has not gotten me anywhere.

There are so many things I want to do…both Spiritual & Natural. I’m finding that the solution to my problems…lies in my time management and how I spend my time. Seriously, if you do not plan every single hour of the day you are losing precious precious time.

You don’t just wake up one day at 80 years old…it happens minute by minute. Powerful guys. If any of you pray for me, please pray that I will be able to manage my time effectively…and actually have the discipline I need (which I’m lacking right now) to follow it through.

This is just another Vent / Stuff I’m Learning Post. Sometimes when I write, I end up figuring out the answer…to questions/frustrations.

I love you guys. I’m #1 in Google for “prophetic gift” – lol. And its a comment from the Elijah List post. hehe

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2222 (Dream/Vision)


(EDIT: For the follow up & Interpretation for my dream/vision check out The Key Of David post) 

A littler over a month ago I was watching Patricia Kings show and she had James Goll as a guest. (He is one of my favorite teachers in the seer realm) This particular show was all about dreams, and well James Goll is like the dream/seer guy I look to for teaching. Anyway, to make a long story short at the end of the show they encouraged everyone to ask the Lord for dreams. I never wanted dreams for some reason. lol. I had always prayed something like “God give me visions, let me see, give me revelations..but you don’t have to give me dreams..but you can if you want to”. lol. Soooooo….after watching the show guess what I did? Yep, I asked Dad to give me dreams, I went even further and told him he HAD to give me a dream that night (lol, I did in in a little kid way..Im learning how to convert back into a

So I pray this right before I go to bed. Sometime during the night the Lord woke me up, and I had either a really really quick dream…or it was a vision, I’m not really sure which one it happened so fast. I saw the numbers “2222” scrolling across the screen, I was looking at them from a slant..and I saw them very very clear. Immediately after seeing this I woke up completely and smiled at the Lord..when you have stuff like this happen to you at night somehow almost instinctively you know what is from the Lord and what is just you..when I have a dream from the Lord 90% of the time I wake up immediately knowing. I went back to sleep, and the next day I tried to figure out what it meant. lol.

I turned to page 2,222 of my Bible, I tried a bunch of chapter/verse 22:22 scriptures and I couldn’t seem to find anything. God started speaking to me about the number 444 last year (some people shared it with me, and then God started using it to show me stuff) which for some reason means “Damascus”. So I started thinking maybe it was “222” instead. I knew I saw “2222” but I started talking myself into forgetting about the extra “2” on the end, lol. I ended up finding this really weird “222 mystery” website which was kind of cool. Click Here to check it out, it is pretty interesting. I tried to speak words into the persons life but it didn’t work right, lol..I used a thus saith the Lord format (whoops) and they emailed me back saying “Thank you for the wonderful quote!” who knows. Its about a girl who is getting freaked out about seeing “222” everyday and you are invited to share your freaky 222 sightings. (Side note: 222 to me means “stop looking to man and look to God”. Read ISAIAH 2:22) Back to my topic..

To make a long story short I started reading some guys angelic visitation and in his whole write up was the scripture Isaiah 22:22. He didn’t have the scripture in the text, just casually said “Isaiah 22:22”. Once I saw that the Holy Spirit rose up from within me in a really strong, “OMG THIS IS SO COOL” type of way. He told me to read it and he told me that, that was what he showed me in the “2222” dream/vision. He said this before I read it, so in my mind I’m thinking something like “Uhh oh…I hope its something good.” lol.

ISAIAH 22:22 (NIV)

“I will place on his shoulder the key to the house of David; what he opens no one can shut, and what he shuts no one can open.”

I started praising God and I put my hands in the air in awe. The Lord is so great. I’ll have to write another blog entry “The Key Of David”..I just don’t want my entries to be so long that no one reads them. I’m trying to stay with the supernatural theme with the blog, I’m probably going to start shying away from using this as a journal. I don’t know why anyone would want to read a journal log from someone they don’t personally know. So I’m going to try and keep to supernatural God experiences..there are tons of occult people out there that are searching for something real…spiritually hungry people have to know that our Lord Jesus is a supernatural God, and not just a man made religion.



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ATTENTION: No Longer Posting Here. Check NEW Site

Well, the time has come for me to shut this blog down. I have various reasons aside from the fact that I don’t post here much anymore.

All future posts will be made at

I also bought the It’s not configured yet, but I imagine it will be sometime within the next few months.

If you are interested in reading current posts please see

I will leave the posts up for now. I’m not sure if I should take them down or not, what do you think? God bless, this blog was fun while it lasted. :o)

– Scott

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Video Update From Scott

[Edit on 02/22/2009: Took video down, horrible quality]

First off, I just want to apologize for not keeping up with the comments and emails some of you have been sending me. I’ll be responding to them sometime today. Things have been crazy, and I’ve always been horrible at keeping up with email.

The music is kind of loud in the beginning so you may not be able to hear me clearly until 35 seconds in. Sorry its boring, I need to learn some
editing skills.

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The Titanic – The future of America?

Vision Of The Titanic – Symbolic of America

I was standing outside in the early morning and I had a brief “mini vision” (minds eye vision) of the RMS Titanic. Immediately I sensed Holy Spirit highlighting America. I started thinking about how calm everything is in the early morning. Everything is so peaceful and coming disaster seems non-existent.

Just like the Titanic had set out on a peaceful voyage, America is sailing her course. In our modern age we have luxury and technology like the world has not seen before. There are many similarities when you compare the two (The Titanic & United States). However, I’m not looking for a conspiricy theory – some things are naturally irrelevant. But in the Spirit of prayer, intercession, and prophecy I’m raising this question..

Can the near future of the United States be found prophetically in the history of the Titanic?

Facts & The Prophetic Picture of The Titanic

After pondering this for a few moments I decided to look at what Wikipedia had to say about The Titanic. I read through the whole article and found a striking prophetic picture about how the events unfolded.

I’m willing to bet that most people in the United States are not worried about coming disaster or coming war. Most of us in this country are busy living our daily lives are are normally focussed on whatever is directly in front of us. Just like the two watchman who spotted the iceberg on the Titanic ship.

lookouts Fredrick Fleet and Reginald Lee spotted a large iceberg directly ahead of the ship. Fleet sounded the ship’s bell three times and telephoned the bridge exclaiming, “Iceberg, right ahead!”…

A collision was inevitable and the iceberg brushed the ship’s starboard (right) side. – Wikipedia

It was too late. The two lookouts did not see the iceberg in time. As soon as they spotted the immediate disaster ahead they sounded the alarm. Just like in the days of Noah – when the rain came it was too late for those unbelieving, those who had not prepared.

You see The Titanic had two warnings after the first and very general “iceberg alert”. The first warning caused the captain to alter his course slightly to the south. There was no sign of danger and he probably was not worried. What kind of general warnings has America had in the past decade? Think about that.

The interesting thing is in the second and third warnings which somehow failed to reach the bridge of the ship (the bridge is the commanding room where the captain normally is). Two different ships had sent messages to the Titanic warning them that very large icebergs lie directly in the ships path.

That Sunday at 1:45 PM, a message from the steamer Amerika warned that large icebergs lay in the Titanic’s path, but inexplicably, the warning was never relayed to the bridge. Later that evening, another report of numerous, large icebergs, this time from the Mesaba, also failed to reach the bridge.Wikipedia

Prophetic Meaning

It’s obvious in the above picture, but I’ll explain it anyway. I think the Lord has clearly been warning the United States of the coming disaster that will unfold if she not fall on her face and repent. The Lord is raising up prophets in this nation to warn America. God never does anything without first revealing his plans to his servants the prophets. Judgment always comes after warning.

The Lord in his great patience and mercy is waiting for America to return to her first love. Jesus. The Lord has send many warnings and messages but they are not getting to the “bridge”. Which represents a number of things.

The general response to the prophetic warnings and messages from Gods people goes something like this..

“People walking around with their fingers in their ears saying ‘I don’t wanna hear'” – Misty Edwards song lyrics

One final interesting Fact & Prophetic Picture.

Image of “The burning man”. A festival full of immorality & witchcraft where participants dare God to send fire down on them.

(I could write a lot more about this – but I’m cutting it short)

The Californians radio operator attempted to warn the Titanic of the coming disaster. The icebergs ahead. Jack Phillips, the wireless operator, responded “”Shut up, shut up, I am busy”. Which is generally the response you get when warning both believers & unbelievers of the judgment that will come if they do not repent. When The Titanic was in sight The Californian in a final attempt tried sending a light signal to warn the ship. They did not respond.

Just before he went to bed at around 11:00 PM the Californian’s radio operator attempted to warn the Titanic that there was ice ahead, but he was cut off by an exhausted Jack Phillips, who snapped, “Shut up, shut up, I am busy”. When the Californian’s officers first saw the ship, they tried signaling it with their Morse lamp, but also never appeared to receive a response.

Think about it.

Read these lyrics from Misty Edwards song – “Days of Noah”:

Time, time, is ticking by
And I can feel an explosion inside
And Time, time is ticking by
And I can feel an explosion inside

As in the days of Noah
As in the days of Noah

There will be drinking, marrying, laughing,
As in the days of Noah
What a fool, they say
To build a boat on sand
What a fool, they say.

As in the days of Noah
What a fool, they say. X2

It’s never rained before,
It’s never rained before,
It’s never rained before,

As in the days of Noah
So it will be in the coming of the Son of Man

And what a fool, they say
To fast and pray
And what a fool, they say
C’mon it’s been two thousand years
Do you really think He’s coming?
C’mon and just get real.

And remember this verse
“And many, many scoffers will come”…

And when the rain starts falling
It’s too late, It’s too late
And when the rain starts falling
It’s too late, It’s too late.

As in the days of Noah

“It’s never rained before…” (x4)

One day, two days, three days gone by
And time, time is ticking by
And I can feel an explosion inside!

People get ready
Jesus is coming
“And many, many scoffers will rise in that day”
And they’ll say

“It’s never rained before…. (x4)

‘Rain rain go away, hide me from the wrath of the Lamb!’ “

And when the rain starts falling
It’s too late.
And when the rain starts falling
It’s too late
And when the rain starts falling
It’s too late
And when the rain starts falling
It’s too late

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Fools Gold – The deceitfulness of this world

It’s funny how the Lord speaks to us sometimes.

I was reading one of the “make money online” blogs a friend of mine runs and I started thinking about time. If only I had the time  to get something serious started. I found myself thinking about how easy day to day living would be if I had the time  to pursue internet marketing 100%.  I’d be making a lot more money than I am now.

I’ve recently felt impressed by the Lord to not pursue internet marketing in this season of my life – but to completely focus on him. It’s a really really small impression. There are a million other things drowning it out. I’m finding that those small – less than a whisper – impressions are almost always the Lord. I’m talking microscopic.

As I was thinking about making money online I just heard the Lord say “I have more for you”. Doubt and fear hit me & then I heard “April Fools Gold”. Just a random way the Lord decided to spoke to me. I realize April fools just passed. He knew that for some reason I’d automatically & instinctively connect it to “Fools Gold” the very second I heard it. Almost a half a second after he spoke this too me I’m looking at a comment on a blog by someone named April.  Just random weirdness.

Anyway – just pointing out the small ways God speaks sometimes.

I sensed the Lord was talking about the deceitfulness of wealth & everything this world has to offer. When we look at it on the surface it looks very good. Just like the fruit in the garden was appealing to the eye so can sin & worldliness at first glance. Just like fools gold.

Fools gold was mistaken for real Gold by..fools

The definition according to Google (define:fools gold) is:

A term for non-gold ore similar in color to gold, usually mistaken by beginning prospectors because of the brassy glitter.

Fools Gold makes you feel good for the moment – but if it were to be tested in hot fire it would melt and fall apart almost instantaneously – unlike true Gold.

Is there anything in your life that you are mistaking as Gold – yet it is indeed fools Gold? I think its time for me to start re-evaluating some things.

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Holy Spirit Goosebumps vs Regular Goosebumps

Is it just me or do you get both sometimes – at the same time?  lol.  I think its so annoying when your in worship / in the presence of God and the air conditioner blows right on you.  Causing you to have both; Holy Spirit goosebumps & regular goosebumps.

Drives me crazy.   :o)

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The Power Of The Word & Reading Scripture

There a many reasons why you should consistently read the Word and get it on the inside of you. One major reason in is that it literally transforms and re-shapes your thinking – ultimately drawing you closer to Jesus. You’ve probably heard it said before; the mind is the battlefield. It really is true.

Enemies Main Tactic – Taking Eyes Off Of Jesus

One of the main tactics the enemy uses is to try and cause us to shift our focus off of Jesus and put them on our circumstances or on our own shortcomings. Giving into these thoughts takes our focus off of the Lord and creates a breeding ground for all kinds of wicked thoughts and emotions. This is how envy, jealousy, and hate is born. This is also how depression, self-hatred, and even pride is birthed.

Its the process of taking our eyes off of what it pure and Holy and looking to ourselves. The enemy doesn’t have to throw 10 million thoughts at us. Some people are like hypochondriacs when it comes to demons. All an evil spirit has to do is try and get us to focus on ourselves. Once we’ve taken our gaze off of the Lord we can come up with, and cause all kinds of problems for ourselves on our own. The enemy doesn’t even have to do anything further. As soon as we lose sight of the Lord his objective (the enemies) has already been accomplished.

Disciplining yourself to read the Word EVERYDAY – Why do it?

Obviously it draws us closer to the Lord. Put that aside for a moment though.

Lets face it, reading the Bible is boring at times. There are so many distractions in life and sitting down to read the Bible for a set amount of time can be painful. We don’t always feel the Lord in what we are reading. It sucks when its happening, but its true for most of us.

The reason for reading the Bible on a consistent basis (even when you don’t feel like it) is that it transforms your thinking, and reminds you of whats important. God’s Word will not return to him void. It accomplishes what its set out to do – to revitalize your mind, body, and spirit.

When you read the Bible the living Word transforms and restructures the very core of your being, even when you don’t feel it happening. Just to give you a brief example. When I’m reading the Bible on a consistent basis, even during a “dry spell”..I’ll wake up in the middle of the night reading and quoting scripture. I’ll literally be reading images of scripture stored away somewhere in my mind. My eyes actually scan back and forth like I’m actually reading.

I don’t know why/how this happens – but when it happens I can feel things shift on the inside of me.

Another personal story

I didn’t “officially” meet the Lord until I was 19 years old – when he encountered me in my bedroom. However, I would read the bible off and on as a teenager from age 13 on. I’d usually do it in 2-3 week periods. I would get this overcoming urge to read the Word – it would last for a few weeks or so.

At this point in my life I believed in Jesus, but I did not understand or comprehend that he was alive and real. I felt nothing but a desire to consume the knowledge of God. It wasn’t supernatural and it was boring at times, but the craving for it would not go away.

The Lord used this time in my life to prepare me for the years that would follow. Something happened in my spirit and soul during these sessions of reading the Word. I was being injected with truth, that stayed with me. Years later – even in the midst of the horrible sin I was in – I could still sense Truth’s presence. Even when I was drunk and high this Truth would not leave me.

Getting into my testimony…

In fact – days before my salvation at age 19 the Spirit of Truth was speaking to me through music & pictures of my past. It was at the same time Switchfoots hit song came out – “Meant To Live”. I did not know they were Christian, but something felt different about the music I was listening do. I found myself crying out to something (God, but I didnt realize it)…singing “We were meant to live for something more….we want more than the wars of our fathers”

3 days later (give or take) I found myself sitting on my balcony smoking a cigarette. I was drunk off of beer and all of a sudden I felt the Word that was on the inside of me start to speak. I starting thinking about God and I yielded to these thoughts/feelings that seemed to be coming to me from some “unseen force”. It was Holy Spirit, I just didn’t have a grid for it back then.

After a few minutes I decided to go inside to put on a worship CD I listened to off and on through out the years. (It was a Delirious worship CD – the BEST worship band EVER – lol).

A song or two into it I began to engage in worship, true worship, for the first time. The song “Jesus Blood” came on and I started singing in my heart. All of a sudden the manifest presence of Jesus was hovering over me. For the first time I understood everything. He used the Truth that he injected me with (when i was younger) to lead me to this place.

I immediately understood everything I had previously read in Scripture – in an instant. I was immediately sober, and if someone were to have done an alcohol test I’m sure they would not have found a trace.

My point for sharing this..

The power of the Word. The power of reading it even when you don’t feel like it – even when its boring. The Lord is the Word – and it will not return back to him void.

This isn’t just for me because “I’m special” or anything. This applies to every human being regardless of who you think you are. Jesus is the Son of God – and he is real. If you want draw closer to him you need to read the Word, even though you don’t always feel him in it. It will transform your thinking, solve your problems, and ultimately establish a relationship with God – which gets deeper and deeper the more you read and spend time with him.

Solve my problem – The soul cries out

I’ve been through a lot of hard things in my life, and I’m still dealing with many issues.  There have been many times I’ve cried out and asked God to send me to a counselor, a ministry, anything that could help me deal with the issues I struggle with.  I’ve been seeking this for years.  However – in his great wisdom he has not done this.  If you are praying for something like this and have not received it their may be a reason (God is God).

Naturally – when we do not spend enough time in the Word – we take our focus off of God and put it on our problems (like I mentioned earlier).  When people do this they end up looking to man.  They look to a pastor – a ministry for help.  A good majority of the time this is very soul-ish and even unnecessary.  Jesus gives life.  If we would get out of the soulish realm for a moment and just meditate on him.  All of the fog surrounding our issues will seem to vanish and Jesus will become the center – everything will make sense.  It’s that peace that surpasses all understanding.  The peace & the wisdom that no man can give.

Just think about that.  If you are going through something major – its nice to talk to people and ask for help – but look beyond that for a moment.  Look to him to gives and takes away – the author of Life.

God Bless

– Scott Sharpe

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Video Blog #1

Sorry to the feed-reader ppl. This is a re-post. Norton Internet Security kept putting a password on my posts and I had to fix it.

This is just a short video blog entry I made when I was bored earlier. Really no point to it…like I said..just bored. Sorry the lighting was bad.

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The seriousness of the hour

I just read something that sparked my heart.  We need to stop focusing on what is directly in front of us and turn our eyes completely towards heaven.  Its the only way we can truly stand.  I’ve lost focus trillions of times, I somehow manage to lose focus everyday.  I’m living in yesterdays discisions and so are you.

Are you where you wanted to be (spiritually) a few years ago?

I’m not, I could be a lot higher and more in tune with the Lord than I am right now.  I’m living in the consequences of yesterdays choices.  The choices i have made, one by one, over the last few years.

Many mistakes have been made, but its time to move on and turn my eyes completely to Jesus.  If I take my eyes off him for even a moment, I will fall back into the water..just like Peter did.

I’m starting to understand that dieing to yourself, crucifying yourself is not just a daily thing.  Its something we must do moment by moment.

Time is so important, especially now in 2008.  Every second counts, make sure you have your eyes set on the throne of God.  Don’t forget to put on the armor of God and to pray for the spirit of wisdom and you can make the right/wise choices.

– I’m learning the high cost of squandering your time…and what a high cost it is.

First let me start off this post by describing a dream I had a year ago. To give you a little background, there was a period of 2 weeks where I was just having dream after dream from the Lord. This particular night I had 3 different dreams given to me. The people who dream a lot know that the length of the dream doesn’t matter too much. One picture or one short dream can speak multitudes.

This particular dream was pretty short…like maybe a minute.

I was standing in some kind of church foyer area. It was a heavy traffic area and there were various random people (believers) around me. Benny Hinn was 3 feet in front of me. He was standing there with his hand stretched out. In his hand was a pen, and he said..

“This pen is for anyone who will receive it”

I looked around and no one cared. Everyone was busy, busy, busy…just walking by. No one cared or even payed attention to him saying this. Well..I jumped at it and grabbed/snatched the pen out of his hand.

I held the pen in my hand and put in the light to see what it looked like. There was an inscription on the pen. The inscription read:


Immediately I woke up and had the full meaning and interpretation.


Since having this dream I have claimed this promise over my life. I will earn $30 million for the kingdom of God. Which is nothing. Not for me, not for glamor…take me out of the equation. Time is ticking…

Little did I know a couple months later I would be introduced into the world of internet marketing. I spent a lot of time researching and learning how to make money online. I am unlearned, I didn’t even graduate high school…I do not know how to change a tire…let alone make $30,000,000.

I’m foolish in the eyes of the “world”. Yet I fully believe I will make this money, soon. Not in 10 years…within 5 years. I’d dare say 3 years…but 5 years sounds safe. I have a ton of ideas for making money online, I just have not started an action plan. I’m very very creative, but when it comes to getting things done…thats where I lack.

I’m also going to be using the internet and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to find people to support me as an intercessory missionary at IHOP. Right now I’m only making around $100-$200 online…passive income. If I can raise support (around $700 a month) I’ll be able to use the money I’m making online for Gods kingdom. Giving some to IHOP, some to God TV, some to people in need here (or wherever God tells me…his money)….and the rest investing in the ideas the Lord is giving me for the online world.

I’d also like to make a portal/hub/website for people who are looking to raise support as an intercessory missionary. (Just one of many ideas) Whether at IHOP, or somewhere else around the world. I’m not sure how its going to work yet (prolly be an application process), but there are thousands of people worldwide (Especially ppl who watch God TV) who would love to support an intercessory missionary…but they don’t know how…and don’t know any.

Why not have a website, with profiles, video, etc. Kind of like Compassion does with supporting children..but online and a lot different. Same concept though. In Acts everyone was in one accord and they gave to one another as they had need.

Anyway. Its just an idea, not sure if I’ll do it or not. I have 4 other online ideas right now (God stuff…not make money ideas…My Internet Marketing Ideas are separate right now)…one of them I’m really excited about.

Please just pray over this. Hopefully $30 million is just the first of a lot more.

– Scott

P.S. – Its not hard to make $1 million online. I just haven’t had the motivation to do it yet. If you are interested in learning how to make money online I’m going to start a blog soon showing you how. There are MANY different ways…and get Ebay out of your mind…cuz thats not one of the ones I’ll be teaching. :o)

In the meantime I may choose to continue a blog I made for my roommate about making money online. If you are an intercessory missionary and would like advice on this, contact me…its not hard to get up to $500 a month (passive) online. It just takes time a motivation. – Only 1 post so far.  If people respond to this I’ll start updating it.  Just drop me a comment or an email.

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Headed backwards or forward?

Ok, something has really been bothering me for 2 years now.  When I first met the Holy Spirit 4+ years ago everything was just awesome.  I would spend hours reading the word everyday, praying in the spirit…and many MANY hours in worship.

It wasn’t long before I realized that..that was not a “normal” thing to do.  I came to people in my church with dreams, visions, revelations…and 99% of the people just thought I was crazy.  Everywhere I went I could feel the Holy Spirit, I was literally praying without ceasing as the spirit lead and as the Lord put people in my path.  The presence of God got so strong at times in my prayer closet I thought I was just going to get taken up forever. (I know how Smith Wigglesworth felt.  The presence of the Lord was so strong with him, thats why he believed he was going to be “raptured” and possibly never die…because it feels like that)

I lost this place, and I do not know how to get back to it.  I’ve been trying for 2 years.  Somewhere, somehow I lost focus and just got dry.  I took my focus of the Lord and put them on my gifts.  I just repent, once again right now.

 Jesus, come see me through

Lift me up so that I would not be put to shame

Change my world completely

Let me never be the same. 

I’ve been trying to get back to this place I was at with the Lord, but it just is not working.  I get so distracted, frustrated, bored, etc. The only thing that is really easy is praying in the spirit…but after praying a 1-2 hours a day for 7 days straight…I just get attacked all kinds of ways.

I’m so evil, we all are…there is nothing good within me.. but Jesus loves me anyway.  Thats what he tells me at times.  At least once every couple weeks I hear “…I love you anyway” Its insane, but its true.

Whatever we think we know…we really have no idea.  I keep thinking I know something, but then God opens my eyes and I realize how much I just cannot see.

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So I moved to Kansas City

If you haven’t figured it out from my other posts, I’m not living NJ or FL anymore. I’m in Kansas City now. I’ve been here since December 30th and I had to keep pinching myself the first two weeks because it just did not feel real. The Lord literally just opened up the door to everything here. I’m going to the School at IHOP (FSM). I had to step out in faith though and pack everything into my car and drive here…with very little money and with no word on whether I was going to be accepted or not.

The Lord has been seriously just blowing my mind. You REALLY REALLY have no idea, and I’m not going to even try explaining.

The Holy Spirit is just so real guys. I can feel him sitting with me right now. The very person who created the stars in the sky is speaking encouragement to me right now. This is just insane. Do you KNOW how many stars there are? No…but he does.

I feel like I’m at a tipping point. I really don’t know what that means, but it sounds about right. All of the pain, suffering, and trials I’ve gone through the past 4 years has lead up to where I am now. lol. Looking back, I wish I knew what I know now. Things really are never as bad as they seem.

All things work for the good of those who are called according to his purpose, those who love him.

I’m the kind of person where I just do not like leading…at all. The Lord has called me to be a leader, but I can’t lead. lol. I came here hoping and expecting to receive from everyone I met. I was hoping that everyone in my school and FSM would be super spiritual and just be able to teach me and help me and stuff.

I’m finding the opposite to be honest. I feel like the Lord wants me to start stepping out and be-friending, helping, and speaking encouraging words to people.  I get/see/perceive so much stuff about people (when I look)…I never knows whats right and whats not.  When I’m accurate with birthdays…its just freaky.  I’ll have days where I’ll be hearing and see accurate stuff…and then there are many days where I seem to be off on a lot of things.  Its weird.

My one problem is not being able to express what I’m seeing,hearing,perceiving.  I can’t find words a lot of times…even when I do there are a lot of things I’m just not supposed to share.  I don’t know, get confused sometimes.

I’ve always felt so small and insignificant, so I never allowed myself to do that. I always told myself it was pride, even though I don’t think it really was. For some reason I always looks to people like they know everything I don’t know…like they have everything. Then when I start getting revelations from the Holy Spirit, I just assume everyone else already knows it and that I’m like the last person to find out.

This has really hindered me from wanting to encourage people.

I’ve leaned on people too much and I feel like the Lord finally wants me to start stepping out…and I’m like all terrified and stuff. lol. I’m the shyest, most scared of ppl person I know…and yet the Lord is calling me to be and end time messenger. This just baffles my mind. My weaknesses are made perfect in his strength? This makes no sense what-so-ever to the natural mind…it baffles our understanding. Yet its the very word of the Lord.

The Second thing I’ve realized is..I thought this was going to be some super spiritual thing. wow. lol. I’m realizing that even though it is the Lords will for me to be @ FSM/IHOP right now…I don’t need any one…any person…any man to teach me…It’s Holy Spirits job. 75% of the stuff I am learning and hearing here (BESIDES end times stuff) I’ve learned…from spending time in the secret place.

Anyway. I’m really praying for direction now. I’ve always looked and thought that God would raise me up and then send me out in the distant (really really distant…far far away) future. Umm..I’m living in my pasts future. This is insane. I wish I could stay in my comfort bubble…but…pop….pop…..pop.

Like I said, I almost have to pinch myself. I feel like I’m dreaming.

Anyway. I’m going to cut this short…but I have one prayer request. I’m praying for real friends. Not casual friends, real friends. People I will still talk to 10 years from now…the kind where we share in each others burdens, joys, and just life. I have not had true friends like this since I lived in FL. I need this here…and it has to be the Lord. You can’t just force friendships.

Also. Pray that I’ll have money to pay my rent on March 1st. I have no doubts. God is God and If he says he is going to provide every single needs I’m just going to believe him. Why worry about tomorrow? Jesus…u r way too cool for me.


– Scott Sharpe

I love you guys. Especially the people who come hear searching for things like “power in Jesus name”

Email me your prayer requests, or just leave a comment. If its money…then just believe and you will receive. Oh yeah, one last thing. I’m not sure if I shared my $30 million dream or not last year. Please pray about that if you can. The Lord is going to give me the grace to earn $30 million for the kingdom. I’m hoping and guessing that is just a starting place, because that really is NOT a lot of money compared to the amount of needs and the amount of souls in the world. I’m pretty sure (but not positive) I’m going to make the money online. (Not for me, for God.) I’ll tell u the dream sometime.

I’m off to bed, its 3 AM.

Posted by: saltyseven | February 11, 2008

The Lord loves..

I have not left my people as orphans.I have not forgotton you.

For if I go to my fathers house, I will prepare many rooms for you.

I will return says the Lord.

In a day and an hour where darkeness is so strong, will you stand for me?

Will you love me in even your weak faith?

Though you cannot see me clearly now, will you walk by this faith and not by what you see?

You are my bride

You are my bride

You are my bride

How I long for you.

How I long for the day when everything will be made right

The wedding feast will be great, says the Lord.

My father is preparing a feast, and all are invited.

Will you not respond to the invitation of the King?

For I have summoned you by name.


Do not be afraid, for I am with you; I will bring your children from the east and gather you from the west. I will say to the north, ‘Give them up!’ and to the south ‘Do not hold them back.’

Bring my sons from afar and my daughters from the ends of the eath – everyone who is called by my name, whom created for my glory, whom I formed and made. (NIV)

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