Posted by: saltyseven | May 10, 2007

Prophetic Significants in my life (and in yours) Pt. 1

PropheticSo I’m always listening preachers talk about all of the stories and God stuff that happened to them when they were kids. Its always so awesome listening to peoples stories but one day I got mad and said something like “God, why don’t I have any stories..where are they?” He starting showing me different events and stuff that happened in my life that would foreshadow my future. He showed me some awesome things, and I’m only going to share a couple of my favorites in this session, I’ll write more in the future. I’m convinced that there are “prophetic significants” in everyones life (yes even you) and if you ask the Lord to reveal them to you..he will. (I like to call them “prophetic significants”..admit phrase is cooler then everyone elses. =P)

The first one I remembered was something God spoke to me during the night when I was 13 years old. I was at a Christian camping event called “Creation”, which is almost like Woodstock for Christians. I was raised in a Christian home by my grandparents, went to a Christian Pre-School and Kindergarten, and was forced to go to a baptist church every Sunday. My grandmother had recently started breaking away from traditional church and joined a home church that was more “spiritual”. So seeing people crying for God and worshipping with their hands was sort of new. Anyway, I went to this event with these people from my grandmothers new “spiritual” home church.

So I knew a little about God, and had accepted Jesus into my heart dozens of times as a kid, but I never knew him, and I didn’t know he spoke to people. So one night while at this event something wakes me up, and internally whispers the words “Salty Seven” into my ear. (notice..thats the name of my blog). So I’m 13 years old, have no idea God talks to people, and all of a sudden I get woken by the whispered words of an angel (the next morning I decided it was an angel. lol) “Salty Seven”. I woke up the next day puzzled and excited at the same time. The immediate scripture that came to mind (i knew the Bible) was “we are the salt of the earth” and that the number “7” was Gods perfect number. I was in awe that God would speak to me like this. Which happens to be one of the most common ways he speaks to me (during the night)

“Salty Seven” goes so much deeper then just that, and God is still revealing it to me. I now know that Salty Seven is my life and my ministry. There are tons of personal things packed into that..and God is starting to show me more and more. It means so many things including this year (2007). It was almost like God was telling me at the age of 13 “Hey, 9 years from now in the year 2007 I’m going to season you with salt, its going to be a very very flavorful year for you…so get ready”. lol. So…by faith I am receiving that and I look forward to everything God is going to do this year.

I need to stay on theme..Salty Seven needs its own blog entry. Anyway.

The second thing the Lord reminded me of was my doves. lol. When I was a kid, I have no idea how old (prolly between the ages of 10 and 13) we did not have central air in our house, and my room was on the second floor. So we had these big air conditioner units through out the house that hung out of our windows (window units). To make a long story short, one day these 2 doves came to my window and started making a bird nest on the air conditioner. (doves represent the Holy Spirit) Like inches in front of my eyes, they werent afraid of me standing so close and staring at them through the window. So I watched them make this nest, and they stayed there and layed eggs and had dove babies. I used to watch them eat and stuff too. It was pretty cool. They stayed there for about a month or so (if I remember right). It was like the Lord was letting me know that he was with me, and that he was there to guide me. I didn’t realize it at the time (was a kid) but I sure do now, praise God!

I totally forgot about this, and God literally reminded me days after asking him to reveal things from my childhood like this. Now I have a story I can tell!! I didn’t meet God as a fetus in my mothers womb like Bobby Conner did..but he sent me doves instead!! lol. I’m convinced that if you ask God to take you back and to show you things that took place in your life, things that foreshadowed your future in him, he will show you. I asked because I wanted stories to tell, lol. I had not cuz i asked not, and then I asked and then I had. woot.

This is a lot longer then I wanted.


P.S. – prophetic ppl are weird, so…yeah…now i know why im so “different”. lol. I’m totally joking and being serious at the same time.

So laugh, smile, and frown away.

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