Posted by: saltyseven | May 11, 2007

God cares about salsa. (mini vision)


So last week I had two jars of salsa and a bag of chips. I ended up finishing the one bottle of salsa and the next day when I went to get the other I couldn’t find it. I looked everywhere for what seemed to be 20 minutes. It was probably more like 4 or 5 minutes, but I really wanted that salsa and it sure felt like a lot longer. I looked on every counter, in every cabinet, in the fridge, on the door shelf, freezer, everywhere. (side note: my kitchen is really small and has so much stuff in it, its always hard to find stuff). So casually I asked the Lord “Show me where the salsa is!”. I began to calm myself and I attempted to see in the spirit. I saw the salsa jar and I perceived that it was either on the floor or very close to it. I also saw that it was under something, under a table, a bag, a counter, I had no idea..i just knew it was under something.

I kept looking, this time I looked a little lower and in the cabinets that were under the counter, but I still didn’t find it. =*( It wasn’t a spectacular vision or anything at all, it was very very still, small, and quite. I did not end up finding it that night. Anyway, so I started to crave salsa again today and I started looking for it in the same places I had looked before. Suddenly I remembered the vision I had and for some reason I spoke this to myself. I said out loud, “Its a lot closer to the floor then you realize”. lol. Two seconds after speaking this I look at the floor by my feet and I pick up this pile of plastic bags (on the floor). Under the pile of bags is this little basket, the basket was directly on the floor. Guess what? My salsa was right in the little basket which was on the floor. lol.

So I was right when I saw it near the floor and when I perceived that it was under something (was directly under the plastic bags). I thought that was pretty cool. I almost called my grandmom to tell Because whenever I see something and it happens I get all excited and praise God. I didn’t call her though, lol. I want the supernatural to be normal so little stuff like this wont be such a big deal. I wish i had enough time to write about all of the other visions and dreams i had that happened. For some reason when you write down stuff that happened like this, and you go back later and read it, faith rises up within you..when you read stuff God already did for you. Its weird.

Guess what I learned!?!?

God cares about salsa!!

And I’m starting to learn that this seeing into the spirit thing is something you can turn on and off at times.

Cool. But stuff like this happens all the time, its just cool when I realize it. lol.

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