Posted by: saltyseven | May 13, 2007

Supernatural Photos

The following photos were taken from the Extreme Prophetic website (Patricia King). I’ve been getting blessed by her ministry for the past 2 years, and I see the fruit of her and her ministry. Having heard her speak live, and by watching her television show I trust her discernment on these photos. To my knowledge all of them have been verified (ie: not made in photoshop)

Portal appears during the night in a hotel room on a white wall. Happened two nights, the second night the man had a camera with him. 7 different blue flames, and you can see a face in the top right. To learn more about this photo watch the video: windows media / quicktime




One of many supernatural photos taken. Angelic being in both of the photos appear to the right. To watch the video about the following two photos (and many others) click here (windows media)





For more supernatural photos click here to be taken directly to them (Extreme Prophetic)


  1. hello i received a word concerning prayer from a woman with whom i attended church. she aproached me a day later and asked me if i had cancer. she claimed that i needed a prayer for healing from this disease. she then became uncertain as to what she was shown by i believe in intercessary prayer and i also believe in prophetic visions. somehow however i felt that the purpose in her question was self serving.
    would you please respond to my e-mail with a word of GODLY wisdom.thankyou.


  2. Hey Gail! Thanks for the comment, I just sent you an email back. If you don’t get it, please check ur spam folder.


  3. Hi I am a bit freaked about this but the night my nan died and this was before I found out I had a feeling that I would never see my nan again and I also saw before me an apparition of some kind of my nan on a slab at a morgue. Plus before my mum went into hospital and before I knew I had a dream about her going into hospital. Please tell me what you think!

  4. Hey Jaime, sorry it took so long to respond..

    Stuff like that has happened to me also. Sometimes I really don’t know how to explain it to I think the reason stuff like that happens to people is because our Creator God is trying to wake us up to the reality of Jesus…which is eternity.

    I would start praying and asking the Lord Jesus to start showing you things…and ask him to make himself real to you in a supernatural way. He will if you ask him…I promise you.

    How do I know? Because he did it to me and millions of others throughout the centuries…and he said “he who seeks will find…ask and it will be given to you”

    God Bless

    – Scott

  5. Portal appears during the night in a hotel room on a white wall. Happened two nights, the second night the man had a camera with him. 7 different blue flames, and you can see a face in the top right. To learn more about this ..

    Hi, I am From PHilippines, Mindanao, where the bloodiest of the country is..

    I cannot realy reveal my self who i am, maybe in an email…

    This is regarding the blueflamed..

    blueflamed is connected with us..

    Last year by the call of God. Intercessors Gatherd i am one of them. we found out we where instructed by God to be a kingdom advancer, in the first place i did not know what is our calling, and we found out, we will be brought to the most dangerous places, working spiritual. And we have been to the dealiest ground in mindanao philippines. and we captured places proclaiming and declaring the Name of Jesus Christ. we wonderd, how could this mission be done. but as we gather God talk to as true the Bible.

    His instructions was Go fallow my banner……..
    this i cannot tell you……
    then after that he reveald to us Salt……
    we attack spiritual places, places like occult and biggest church that is of satan in mindanao….
    after this most risky missions, we are our self what are we, we are not pastors, but why is this happening, now knowing, a close friend text and revelation to the group was Given…..


    and not did i know that this was told in the phropecy of cindy jacobs….. regarding philippines.. in the most deadly ground.

    and all the phropecy of cindy jacobs now is happening here in mindanao where i am,

    We Saw Fallen angels, and heard fallen angels crying and screaming, as the Blue flamed WArriors of God interceded….

    God’s instructions for us, 1st week of january isiah 60 ARise Shine. the whole verse…..

    after this God told us to go to the highest mountain in Iligan City Mindanao. there was 5 of us, and the rest of the team left in the city to pray for us, not knowing that this mountain we are going to climb and delcare to be the mountain of Christ, few years ago student went up to this mountain and us they came down, 3 of the student where demond posses…..

    the night before we came up to the mountain,from 9p.m to we fasted and prayed. then we left 7 a.m we arrived top of the mountain almost 11a.m that was a lot of hiking, but as we started below, we where like fire, filled with the Holy Ghost, that God has totaly prepared us to go and declare his name.. a long the way going up to the mountain, God told us to do something, that i cannot place in this text…

    God’s instructions was we must be up to the mountain before 11.a.m and we arrived. and we did something up there….. that only the BLUE FLAMED WARRIORS KNOW……

    after that the instructions was. we must go down, after 12 a.m so. but all the way as we climb this mountain, our member recieved a call FRom America, recieving instructions, adn to be honest they know what we where doing….

    we arrived down 2.p.m it was fast. and no food.. but prayers…..

    after this few days past by a bomb was discoverd in the City of iligan where we are it did not explode….. GLory to God….

    but as i remember as we where on top of that mountain, just a few details… this is what one of my team intercessors told me… She saw how busy the angels of God was…. halleluya

    many things happend…


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