Posted by: saltyseven | May 21, 2007

I know nothing

With each and every new day that passes, I realize more and more that apart from him I know nothing. I’m just so sick of ever thinking that I could do this on my own. Who am I but a mere man chosen by God to bear a message. My life is a message that sings the testimony of him who bore the sins of the world. Its not for glamor, so that I could be in the spotlight, but its for me to be they can see him through me. I love my life in him. For once in my existence I am happy with who I am.

Unlike most people I did not have an identity in the world before I came to him. I didn’t have any hobbies, any likes (had tons of dislikes though), I had no identity…I was afraid of people…I was afraid of becoming. This is what makes me unique, my little fingerprint on the world. This is who I am, and this has become my calling. I had no identity, and then when I met him I realized that this was all according to his great purpose. Apart from Christ I am nothing…and in him I am all things. I had no identity, so Christ became mine…gloriously.


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