Posted by: saltyseven | May 25, 2007

Random Thought on “change”

Change is so weird. You can goto a school or a meeting/event, say you are going to grow, learn and change. The next day everything seems the same…the day after that seems the same…..the next week seems the same….the next month seems the same….then a year later while you still seem to be the same you look back and realize just how much you really have changed.

Change just doesn’t make sense to me…I don’t understand the dynamics of how it works. Its literally almost undefinable…you cannot put your finger on it…..and one day it just happens out of no where (seemingly)…even though its been happening all along. Its like one day your a certain way, and then POOF…your totally different….but still the same….all at once.

Thats what I feel like. I’m like at this awesome place in God, for better or for worse……its so weird. (My definition of weird is “differently good”) I mean the whole reason I went through all of the bull shizzzz in my life was to prepare me for what I’m walking into now. The whole reason I had no natural talents or desires/”hobbies”….is so the Lord would become my everything….my strength….my crutch.

The Lord is so good.

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