Posted by: saltyseven | May 26, 2007

The art of becoming humble – More Junk

Man, I just can’t wait to be clothed with my heavenly dwelling. All this junk keeps coming up from within me…even more stuff I still didn’t realize was there. It’s like I will have a good few days, full of God…and then once I think I know something….BAM….I get knocked right off that high horse…..and it really hurts sometimes. I’m even more convinced that I know nothing…the new goal of my life is to unlearn everything I think I know and to profess knowing nothing…but Christ crucified. I seriously cannot do this on my own…every time I think I have something…I realize that I have nothing.

I don’t know about some of you reading this…but I struggle with spiritual pride…and I HATE it…I’m being real with you. I’m not afraid to admit it, its something I struggle with. I’m wondering why I haven’t had any visitations, or been taken to the 3rd heaven yet….If I did……MAN…..i would probably be full of pride. Pride destroys…its what caused lucifers fall. Paul had to of struggled with pride…because the Lord gave him a thorn in his flesh…to keep him from boasting in himself. I’d rather have a big thorn in my flesh then go through pride…I’m so glad the Lord keeps humbling me.

I want to be the most humble man on the earth today, thats been my prayer for years…I want to go through the hottest of refiners fires. People always warn me about praying that. lol. Some people seem to skip it..or go around it……I want to be burned by it. Am I weird? lol. I’d just rather not have it take 40 years…like Moses. Anyway, so yeah….I have to keep reminding myself to put myself in a humble place. I don’t mean the whole “Pauper mentality” thing…but stuff like this……

Someone starts telling you something they think you need to hear…and they start telling you of experiences that happened to them….and in the back of your mind your like “Is that all?….I could tell you 100 similar stories that are a lot greater than that..and I learned this lesson along time ago thank you”. The humble thing to do would be to not try to overshadow what they are saying…but to listen to them and encourage them by making them feel like they are encouraging you. Whether they are or aren’t…make them feel like what they are saying is valuable to you. It doesn’t matter how distracted or uninterested you are (we all get that way at times)….its listening…and not having to outshine them with your stories…no matter how lesser or greater the stories are.

I want to be humble


  1. Wow…its crazy cause I’ve Gods been dealing with me in the area of just shutting up and hearing peoples stories and not my own…
    God bless you in Jesus name

  2. “I want to be the most humble man on the earth today”

    While that sounds pure, trying to become the most (anything) on earth is a very ambitious thought, whereas ambition leads to pride. I believe the purpose of Pride as a deadly sin is to urge you to avoid looking to others for your own value; rather, it’s my humble opinion you may want to use the frame of mind, “I want to be as humble as I can be to God” 🙂

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