Posted by: saltyseven | May 30, 2007

Power of thoughts/words – human vibrations & water crystals

water.jpgSo while I was at the Voice of the Prophets conference, Larry Randolph spoke on the power that is in our words. I’m sure a lot of you have heard various things regarding this, but I’ve never heard it explained quite like this. According to science Proverbs 18:21 is proving to be true…

The tongue has the power of life and death.. – Proverbs 18:21

A guy by the name of Masaru Emoto has conducted hundreds of experiments using water from various locations and by speaking to the water samples, and then freezing it, and then examining the water crystals. He is proving that there is power in our words and in our thoughts, which are all composed of various human vibrations. All living matter is a vibration, as well as our thoughts and our words. In some of his studies he took polluted water and examined the water crystals under a special microscope. Water that is polluted has really ugly looking water crystals, while the crystals of clean water will have amazing eye catching forms.

In different documented experiements he examined the crystals of polluted water and then he spoke positive words to the water and “blessed” the water. What happened after that was astonishing. As the water was exposed to positive words and positive vibrations the crystals would literaly jump and start growing, and becoming healthy. Polluted water would….well….become unpolluted in these different studies. He also did some experiements where he would write a positive word on a piece of tape, and then tape it to the water samples. Same thing. I don’t know if you remember hearing about how powerful (for good or bad) music can be. The Scientists would take different plants and the plants that were exposed to positive music (like Bethovan) would grow towards it, while the plants exposed to heavy metal (bad lyrics) music would grow away from it. The plants with the positive music were a lot healthier than the other. Well this is the same exact concept, only with water, and would thoughts/words.

I posted some of the pictures below, as well as a short video where you can actualy see a water crystal growing to the music. I’ve also included a link to an article that will explain a lot more then I can and it also includes a TON of different water crystal pictures. Also note, this guy is not a Christian..he seems to be more new age…and I in no way endorse or support anything new age. He just happens to be on to something.


Click Here for more information and more pictures.


Before offering a prayer


After offering a prayer




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  2. So he prayed over the water and than he froze it? How can you really see those crystals so clear? Have you tried doing the same thing? Julia

  3. Hey Julia!!

    Yes, he prayed over it and then froze it. He did this with hundreds of samples..maybe thousands. He uses some special microscope that allows you to see and photograph the crystals. From what I understand some of them don’t show up when a photo is taken.

    I don’t have access to the kind of microscope you need.

  4. New age? More like he is rooted in traditional and longer held beliefs to me than current religions. This is not alternative nor new age, but much older and accepted more around the world than modern day beliefs. Modern medicine and thoughts are what is “new age”.

  5. Loved your pics and invite you to my site: for some pics I took coming down from Oregon, spending 6 months going to P.Kings mtgs and then on to Mahesh Chavda Min. where I am now relocated. Love what you are doing. God is the God of the mysterious and He is chosing to unveil more mysteries, and prophecy has proclaimed that science will now begin seeing more of His mysterious Hand! Perhaps those caught in New Age were those who believed in His Mysteries, but were trapped; because the Church disregarded the Mysteries in the 60-80’s, may revival bring in every hungering, heavy heart; that sought but missed Himadn , may His mercy again move across this land in majesty and glory!

  6. Our words do have power, but the power that is making the crystals is coming from God. That is one of the many examples that he shows us to prove that he is real

  7. Hey Cassie!

    I understand what you are saying completely and you are right.

    I wrote this awhile ago. I was just trying to point out the actual physical power in our words (for good or evil). There are so many sound vibrations (scientifically) on different levels…and I dunno…I was just trying to show how much power is in our words. Life and death is in the toungue.

    If this happens to water when we speak blessings or curses…how much more would it effect actual humans since we are composed of 80% or so of water?

  8. its very understandable becouse you can tell alot about a person by the music they listern to like eminem n 50 cent they always sing about hateing on people and then you see people who listern to that music in gangs n various murders and when you see somone like ermm goths for example they listern to right down music prober depressing and you look at them and see them wearing black. and for people who listern to say pop music there usualy happy but somtimes have bad relationships so in my opinion i think we should just listern to classical music and so on 😀 .. ive done a few exsperiments of my own with music when i listern to rock music i always feel down about my life constatly looking at parts i dont like and when i listern to rap music i tend to swear a lot and accually want to do drugs ( i never do tho ) when i listern to medatation music im very carm and smile alot and its really good … you should try it its fun to see how you change ..

  9. The pics are awesome. I looked at some pictures at another site where they would write different words and see what effect they would have taped to the jar of water.
    I wonder what a crystal influenced by the word Jesus Christ would look like.
    I couldn’t find one like that.

    Also “salvation by grace”

    Although vibration principles have effect on water crystals even when say, a muslim prays to allah, that doesn’t prove it isn’t a religion of erroneous doctrine.
    Though the vibrations of earth are part of God’s creation, only Jesus Christ rose from the dead.
    Even Muslums consider him the greatest prophet.
    A friend of mine asked a Muslum if a prophet can lie, after he admitted Jesus was the greatest prophet.
    He said no.
    Jesus said he was God. He is the I AM…..

    The Muslum didn’t know how to respond but said something to the effect, “no man has ever spoken to me this way”.

    It would be awesome to do our own water crystal pictures.
    Anyone have a dark field microscope?

  10. thank you for posting these very interesting pictures and providing linkage to discourse on the subject of energy transference. i have been looking for pictures i have seen of a similar phenomenon, where droplets of water themselves could actually be seen exhibiting different properties when exposed to positive and negative energy. also included in the experiment were control subjects that were not exposed to any type of stimuli. the effects were that the water actually refracted and diffused light differently according to how it was ‘treated’ with positive or negative human verbal stimuli. is anyone aware of the studies who might know where i could find more info?

  11. He freezes 50 different samples of the same water. If the water has had something positive done to it, he searches the 50 samples for the nicest looking crystal. If it has had something negative done to it he looks for the worst looking crystals. It’s nothin to do with positive or negative energy, and everything to do with editing. For about $500US he’ll take pictures of crystals formed by a water sample for you. Surprise surprise. Why does anyone believe this codswallop?

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