Posted by: saltyseven | June 5, 2007

Just Be – King David was a boy once..

I’m so lost without the Holy Spirit. Seriously. Looking back I realize that I’ve come really far..from where I once was..but looking forward…wow….long way to go. My fan was blowing my Bible around and when I grabbed it, it was on 1 Samuel 20. Its about David and Jonathan, when Saul was trying to kill him. Can you imagine how much fear and anxiety he probably had? I mean the King, someone you love and respect so much is trying to kill you. I mean, here is David..this great great King in the Bible we talk about….but he wasn’t always king. He was a boy once..a Shepard boy..and then a servant to the king. Slowly his life progressed, slowly. When we read seems like everything in Davids life happened all within a few years..thats just how it seems to me. But it was much much longer than that. He had fears, he had insecurities, and he probably had issues..just like we all do.

I sometimes idolize..people in scripture. I mean here is this great great King…SO GREAT that God promised David that his kingdom would last forever…so great that Jesus was one of his descendants. The thing is, David wasn’t was his heart God was looking at…his heart. And his heart for God, his passion…his passion…his passion caused him to be GREAT in the sight of the Lord. I need this, we all need this..we must not go on without it. Where is our passion for God? Where is my passion for God? I lose sight so many times. I’m not perfect, and I never will be. David wasnt perfect either, but God used him so so powerfully. I don’t know about you, but I find a lot of comfort it that..I don’t have to be perfect. You don’t have to be perfect. We can just STOP striving…we can stop striving and just be. I said we can JUST BE. Just be..


  1. I am SO proud of you!
    You are one tremendous young warrior!
    I pray and I declare that you will soar with God into new heights every day and fly into your immense destiny to pour His life into the nations!!!
    Go, Salty Seven!
    Go, God!

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