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Hey guys and girls!! The following article is from the Elijah list, I read it this morning and it really confirmed a few things for me. Hope it blesses some of you as well. Expect another post (written by me) within the next couple of days…God Bless!!


Steve ShultzI hear that God is more interested in character than gifting. I don’t know if I’ll ever have enough character to be qualified to prophesy.

When people make this statement, “God values character over gifting,” it’s like saying He values one quality that HE has given as a gift over another gift which HE also gave.


There is no Scripture that states this. It’s one of those “sayings,” but it’s not supported in the Bible. God values BOTH character and gifting–since both come from and through HIM. He will be growing both character AND your gifting throughout the rest of your life. So, it’s like saying God values Marriage over being Holy. One is not related to the other. Both are clearly true.

In your case, since God will be working on your character for as long as you live, you might as well start using your gifts that were freely given while you also work on your character. We are aware of children who were given a very high level of prophetic gifting at the age of four or five. Which was God valuing most? The gift He gave the child? Or the character that the child would grow up to display? The answer, of course, is both! So start prophesying! Make mid-course corrections as you learn.

People say, “You’re just as close to God as you want to be.” So if I’m not really intimate with Him, it’s all my fault–because I must not want to be close to Him. Is that right? And if I’m not close to God, I can’t hear Him or prophesy for Him, right?

Again, this is another common saying–another good-sounding statement made by the Church, of which we are all a part (and which we love)–yet this statement is without support in Scripture. In fact, in the Bible, the Apostle Paul, toward the end of his ministry said just the opposite: “For what I do is not the good I want to do; no, the evil I do not want to do–this I keep on doing…”–Romans 7:19.

Paul discerned that after many years of serving God, he still had to depend on the Blood of Jesus, because even with Christ living inside him, he–Paul–could not be good enough–or as close to God as he wanted to be

Prophetic Grace Awakening

As an encouragement to you, you should press on into Holiness but nevertheless realize something. Just a few verses later than what I just quoted, Paul penned the famous Scripture:

“Therefore, [because of the above] there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus, because through Christ Jesus the law of the Spirit of life set me free from the law of sin and death”–Romans 8:1-2.

I know this person who seems to always prophesy correctly about almost everything in my life. But this same person gives prophecies about things that will happen in the future in my nation or the world and is almost always wrong when he prophesies this way. What’s up with that?

There is a fundamental misunderstanding about the nature of prophecy. God has as many versions of prophecy as He has persons and personalities in the earth. For this reason, it only makes sense when you read the Scripture: “For we know in part and we prophesy in part…”–1 Corinthians 13:9.

God has so set up the giftings in the Body of Christ such that normally, one person prophesies well over individuals. Another prophesies best over their own nation or other nations but doesn’t do well prophesying over people. Very few prophesy well over both individuals AND nations. I know of only three or four people myself who are able to (or at least seem able to) equally prophesy over nations and individuals. It’s almost an exception to the rule that a prophet or a prophetic person can equally prophesy over both individuals and nations.


So let me remind you of one of the most common instructions you’ll hear from us:

“We have different gifts, according to the grace given us. If a man’s gift is prophesying, let him use it in proportion to his faith.” –Romans 12:6

In my own case, the most common way I “hear,” for instance, is “by faith.” That is, I practice and learn to just–at times–“know things” about people. I practice discerning by faith. So rather than by a great experience, I often get things by the gift of faith which I constantly practice. That gift comes only from Jesus Christ and His Holy Spirit.

So keep practicing.


  1. Please pray for me that I begin to walk in faith and that I begin to walk in the prophetic as I was called. I really am believing on God to help me. I really want to do this, Ive been aking of this everysince I was small.

    May God bless you seven times over by praying fervently for me, in Jesus name sobeit!

  2. Oh, and How will you know that You are lead by the Spirit, and not your feelings?

    When I start prophecying, I don’t want to give a false hope to people, I want the loving power of God to penetrate their hearts, and bring them to repentance, and salvation.

    I really am sincere about doing this.

  3. Hey AJ! Sorry it took so long to get back to you. I’ll def. pray for you.

    God put the prophetic desire in your heart for a reason…it is a gift that you are called to walk in. It’s a great thing to ask God for gifts…but I feel like you can stop asking him to give it to you..because he already has. Its just learning how to walk in it. He’ll develop you with time.

    Thats one big lesson I’m learning…time. lol.

    Within time you will learn to tell the difference between your own feelings and between what the Holy Spirit is showing you. All I can really say is that your going to make don’t be afraid to! Thats how we learn..not just with prophesy but with most things in life.

    I would find a group of people that know you well and know that your learning and growing in the prophetic…practice on them…they will encourage you.

    It doesnt always have to be a “thus says the Lord” thing…in fact…I’ve only done that once in my life. I mainly see and hear stuff about people and situations/events and relay what I see/hear.

    Anyway…you’ll learn…even if you make a mistake God has your back!!!! He wants us all to start getting out of the boat and stepping out in faith.


    I’ll be praying for you.

    – Scott

  4. I truly believe that God has given me the gift of prophecy, but it just needs to be stirred up a little more. So, please pray for me that God will open me up and pour himself in me, and than i can die to self and do His will.

  5. God has definatley given me the gift of prophecy, a strong gift, and Im one of those that can prophesy over nations as well as people. The Lord Jesus has called me out as a prophet, and may God bless and strength all of you who desire to move in this most beautiful realm of prophecy. The Lord is your reward. Amen.

  6. Hello my name is Temika God has bless me with the prophetic gift and I thank God ,the gifts are good but if we dont have the love and compassion the gifts dont mean nothing because i see a lot of people in the body christ has gifts but no love for the people I get really broken hearted about it but can you give me some pointer abouthe the gifts and what God has showed you about me please e-mail me back may God bless you love you in christ jesus.tamekamccann@yahoo,com

  7. I feel the same as some of these others. Sometimes I feel like I’m being told to say something to someone but I won’t because I’m too scared that it is just something that I, my flesh wants to say instead of what God is saying so I won’t say anything. I’m trying to make sure that I’m hearing God’s voice and not some other voice trying to make it sound good. Pray for me and I will pray for you all in Jesus name.

  8. Hello everyone it is good to see people eager to learn about the prophetic. I’m in a prophetic mimistry where we’re learning to hear and obey the word of GOD. Remember Paul told Timothy to stir up the gifts, which simply means start using the gifts GOD has given you, sure there will be mistakes but continue to obey and follow the SPIRIT of GOD.

  9. Please tell me how to stir it up

  10. please tell me how to stir up the gift

  11. hello!

    Ihave a question–I have been speaking for years and I am a third generation minister.
    Yet lately I have been having these stirrings in me in my spirit of a diffrent kind.
    For years–my passion has been gifts of healing, but recently I was in prayer with a group of ladies praying for a certain request when I heard the Lord speak to me about this child we were praying for that the doctors were giving a wrong medication–now I ask the grandmother to say something to the doctors and they checked it and sure enough –the problem the child had was what the Lord spoke.

    Now ,is this just an answered prayer or a prohectic word? I believe totally in the prophectic and my mother as well as my grandfather walked in it–but until now ,I haven’t actually studied much on it.It is just since I have been having this since of anticipation that I have studied.
    thanks so much,

  12. @ Deborah

    Its both. ;o)

    A prophetic word, and an answer to prayer.

    The Lord speaks to us in many different ways. God is God and there is no limit to how he speaks to us.

    All you have to do is ask for more, and you’ll receive it. Ask and it shall be and you will find..

    Buying books on the prophetic and on different subjects are good to learn and everything, but you don’t need them.

    Sometimes it seems like the more I try to learn and study on my own (with books) the more confused I get.

    All it takes is a desire and a hunger for more of Jesus.

    Sometimes I wish I could just escape from my life for a month, and lock myself up somewhere to study the Word, and have a whole month to spend a lone with the Lord.

    Thanks for leaving a comment.

  13. @Lynn

    Pray in the Spirit on all occassions, with all kinds of requests and petitions.

    Set your mind on the things above.

    All you have to do is ask, and believe.

    If you can pray in tongues then do it as often as you can.

    If you can’t pray in tongues, then just ask for it…you will receive it.


  15. I just want to thank the Lord, today I learned of a fullfillment to a prophesy over someone that God had me speak out to another. I must admit I was happy to hear that it had happened to this person due to circumstances that led up to the prophesy. I will admit I was so excited to hear of the sorrow and showed it in front of a friend. My friend stopped me and made me think as she was dissapointed with my reaction. She discussed my attitude and character and only hours later I stumble upon this site, I guess a confirmation to what I need to learn as my gifts are of the Lord and should be respected even until the end. I am thankful to the Lord for allowing me to come across this site and thankful that my friend helped set me straight on my character.
    Prophecy and the power in Christ is very real and he will look after us and build us even stronger as we move forward in these trying times. The key to it all is how do we handle what the Lord has given us. Do we respect and lead with maturity or ???

    Thank you!

  16. Dont be afraid to speak, I had a vision where there was an open door and many flies flying in front of it. Through the door and flies you could see a banquet table. People would awe it as they approached the door, but once they got to close the flies would attack the person and the person would run from the door in fear of deception. Then the person turned to the door again, saw the promises again approached and ran from the flies again one they where to close. Holy Spirit then spoke to me, he said why dont my children trust me (one thing ive learnt is God asks you a question just before you are going to learn something) Holy Spirit then said why do they fear I will give them a stone when I have promised them bread. I immediately came out of the vision and was covered in oil, actually Paul keith Davis pointed me out just after the vision in the conference, and said God is covering you in oil. Look dont trust in your own ability trust in God and him always, when you feel to do it or see yourself doing it, that is the Kingdom realm, do as you see in Heaven. After awhile it gets easier but you have to start it by pulling the Cord of Faith, start it up enjoy the ride, its not yours, its Gods will that will make a way. I started just a few years ago, from a religous church that told me all of this was satan. But I stayed faithful to God, now I have been traveling all over speaking and seeing Jesus touch his loved ones. It is about him and not us, there is no room for excuses, are you ready to lose who you are for him. You will be suprised at what you become.

  17. Hey does anyone have a suggestion about what prophectic conference I should go to this year?

  18. Praise God , I was one that did not want the prophetic gift. I would often throw it off or shy away from it, yet never could run. I never asked for it, but i sence the calling heavy on my life. Reason being is because i was afraid to error. I love the Lord so much that I don’t want to error when it comes to being a voice for Him. I have embraced the calling now with much caution and prayer. My true desire is that i show the love and character of Christ and to always be intimate with Him to keep my ears close to His heart. Pray that i’ll develop according to the processed timing that He has for me be developed.
    God Bless

  19. I ran across this website because i too am operating in the prohetic. I am not being trained by anyone and am having to trust in God and God alone. I want to know as much as i can so that I can be a blessing to the body of Christ. I want to be sure of what i do and say for the Lord. I am so missunderstood in my church but I will stay faithfull in the duties that i do in the body. I have had to be pushed into this ministry. I am also an intercessor and felt that this was my calling. God has used me to bless many around me but i feel that it is time for me to branch out further into the world. My pastor doesnt know what to do with me because I operate in a sort of prophetic deliverance ministry and have with him. Does anyone know of this kind of ministry?

  20. i need some and much prayer im only 16 well in one day 17 and God has used me dynamically in the prophetic arena and gifting and to be able to minister to leaders of all types and other people mostly adults have a problem with me its like their intimidated by my gift and the elders are like trying to sit me down cause there afraid of the gifting and i pick up on a lot of stuff and my mom and dad tells me thats why i get in to alot of trouble when i do cause i am also a hearer and a watcher and i pick up on demonic spirits and activity and in only 16.9 years old but the older adults have a problem and i dont know why and i want to address it but i want to do things decently and in oder and i having a hard time and they tell me to take off my antennas and get in to service and there have to be a watcher and i give my daddy God all the glory but i really need help and they say i know to much for my own good and i just need help cause i dont think that i can just turn Gods gifting that he has placed in side of me off can is the prophetic gift a light switch i did not think so and i just need help and much prayer please pray for me

  21. I know that God, In the name of our Saviour Jesus Christ has placed a prophetic gift inside of me. He speaks to me so strong in dreams. One night before I went to bed in a prayer, and I asked the father to let me know what my spiritual gift was and he showed me in the dream. In this dream I was casting out demons. Also, in this dream a mysterious female preacher whispered in my ear “you are a prophet.”

    Just recently I had a dream to actually come to pass . My mother was having car problems and God had showed me in a dream one night the new car that she was going to get, but she didn’t believe me. He showed me the color, the model and everything. Well, I told her the dream that I had and that soon she would be getting a new car, but she didn’t believe it. God was using me to warn her but she didn’t believe it. Well, about a year later the dream has just come to pass. The funny thing about it is we had both forgotten all about it. Then one day she called me and told me that she had gotten a new car, and I asked her what color and kind it was. When she explained to me what kind of car it was, the dream automatically came back to me. As the dream was coming back to me I felt a deja vu feeling. It was like I had lived that moment before or something. I asked her, “mom don’t you remember the dream I had?” She was so shocked and taken back by it that she literally hung up the phone on me and was freaked out at the fact that she had bought the exact car I saw in my dream a year ago without even knowing.

    The crazy thing is that I wish I knew how to control it, or really discipline the gift that he has placed on the inside of me. I feel like a young Joseph, or Daniel or something. I have so many dreams that it isn’t even funny, but the majority of the time I don’t know what they mean. Please pray my strength in the lord Jesus Christ that he would show me how to discern the dreams, and help me grow in the prophetic gift that he has given to me. Amen!

  22. Please help !!
    Chuck peirce spoke over me and said…
    You are the NEW WIND sayeth the Lord.
    What does this mean?

  23. Hi,

    Please pray if you have a spare prayer.
    I prayed for the gift of prophecy a few years ago and tonight God really said through a prophetic man that he has given me that gift and the pot is at boiling point and about to run over. Someone also prayed Jeremiah 1v5 over me.
    I if I am honest am afraid – of making mistakes mainly and of allowing pride in.
    Please pray that God’s everlasting love would cast out the fear and that I would be obedient to God in this. I just feel that the gift of prophecy is such a responsibility and do not want to cause people any pain in prophetic words as the gift is to encourage.

    Thank you

  24. I believe, bjb, that, “You are the new wind” means that you are the new generation, that has been called out and set apart for such a time as this. You are in the generation that seeketh after God’s heart.

    Even now, I’m sensing that God is saying that you should not be afraid to bloom, because what He has placed on the inside of you is beautiful and unique, a wonder in the sight of men to show forth His Glory in the earth.

    To let everyone that witnesses what God has placed inside you to say, God is certainly with you and to bring them to the place we’re they’ll be led to confess that Jesus Christ is Lord to the glory of God the Father.

    saltyseven, May the grace of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ be with you always!

    Continue this great work. Much fruit will come of it.

  25. I thank the Lord for this site. I have been struggling to accept that I have been called to prophesy for years now. At one time I even asked the Lord to take this gift away,and just let me love Him. And ofcourse He hasn’t. I’m terrified of making mistakes & like another writer said,I’m also afraid of developing pride. At times I run away,by not spending enough time with Him- so that I won’t hear Him. That way I won’t disobey when the Lord speaks. The Holy Spirit gave me my first word,shortly after I got born again. And since then He has shown me numerous visions and dreams,gave me word for friends,acquantancies,and family both near and far, and has also confirmed the calling He has placed on me for healing. And after 4 years,people have started confirming the prophetic call. I’m a student,and it is hard. As at times I feel the call so strongly that I just want to drop everything(but can’t because my family need me to finish),most times I want to go away and spent all my time just seeking the Lord and learning His word. I guess I should also share with you that I also struggle because I have a physical disabilty,and sometimes don’t believe my Lord really wants to use me. Please pray with me. God bless you all!

  26. I accidentally gave a wrong email address. If you have any advice or something you want to share with me reach me at God bless you!

  27. I to accidentally came across this website. I cant say that because there is no mistakes in Gods will. This website has brought about conformation that I have the gift of prophecy. Another one of my giftings is in dance. I danced prophectically many times, but know he is intensifying the gift to its maximum potential. Its been a hard process, but its all for his glory. If there are anyone thats around my age I would like to chat with you because there is no one from my area thats my age with the same gift that i can talk to. I’m 20.


  28. I beleive i have the profetic gift but i guess i need to learn how to be more sensitive to the holy spirit but i dont know hom i tyring to learn and how to operate in the gift

  29. Please help me ask Jesus if He has called me as a prophet, because so many prophets of God has said that to me

  30. Hello saints…this site has spoken so much life into me..God is good. I am a 20yr old who has prayed for God to reveal himself to me as well as my gifts and he has,I have a spiritual God mother is a strong woman of God who has the gift she recently came to visit me and spoke to me that after she leaves my gifts woulld start to movin …n show nuff I’ve been given sooo many words for people and dreams…I thank god for this site if any young people would like to become email pals please feel free to email me knowing how serious the gift is encouragement from other who have the gift and also are young like me would be blessings…God bless you all in Jesus name

  31. Ohh this is necie my email is

  32. I’m a prophet that goes to newlife church in colorado springs and I want to develope my gift. would someone please contact me if they know where i can go to learn to focus this gift. thank you and God bless you

  33. here’s my email:

  34. I have this burning desire in my heart to declare the infinite love and grace of God to all people to know him and love him as i do.Eversince i was a child i have felt a pull that God has called my life to his service.I believe i have the gift of prophecy through dreams where i have heard and seen God speak to me in a writing foreign to me.

    • just go on to your gift… its not really important the gift bro.. the most important is the burning desire in your heart..

      when you have this desire even your gift will follow you..

      continue and dont be afraid.

      sis in Christ

  35. I am able to see characters of individuals, not everyone. I can also feel what they feel. I see vision of what would happen and it happens in the near future. I know things about individuals. People of the Lord time after time has told me that I have the gift of prophecy and that I would travel to speak to crowds. God opened doors where I facilitate a ladies group and the teaching I give resulted in freeing someone, giving increase knowledge, guidance to the ladies. This confirms to me that I will be used in a effective way for the Lord in speaking. Give is starting me off with a small group and He will increase the group in His time. Believe me, I am in no rush.

    Thank you for allowing me to share. And it is good to be able to know that you do not stand alone with the prophetic gifts.

    • i have desame gift audry, im glad you had too.. only pray for me.. that i can i feel not to do anything..

      love glen,

  36. i have been gifted with dreams and it’s interpretation .i at certain times i prophesis and it comes to pass,but my problem is how to develop it .thank you.

  37. WOW!!! this is soooo funny to me. I have found people just like me….that feel just like me. I thought i was weird and alot of people don’t understand me. I even had my ex-pastor say some really mean things to me about my gift (glad to say i’m not at that church anymore) And i have lost alot of my friends. I too have the gift of prophesy,dreams. Just last month i was baptized in the Holy Spirit with speaking in tongues with the interpertation(prophesing) and the Lord spoke to me while this was going on and he told me to heal the sick and the criple and to go and heal the nations. Is this “nations” people or the nations of peoples?. I too will hear word(s) about someone and i’ll say it to them but the Lord will have me say more then what the one word he gave me

    And is it normal for some to speak in tongues and then prophesy? Because i’m starting to be used in that why as well. Now far as the dreams i will get a lot about myself healing people or prophesing to them and lately i had a dream about Pastor Joel Osteen (which i do not watch his show) i’m not too sure if the dream is a warning for him or what? I’ve been trying to find out how i can grow this/these gifts so i can be more effective for the Kingdom of God and His people. Please Help!!! and this is a cool site where i can talk to people just like me. May God bless us all.

    • you make me tears ray.. yeah funny.. right it is indeed..i feel desame as what you feel..

      pray for me please..

      love glen,

  38. well i thank God for the life of all of you.i am overwhelmed by what i am readin from everybody
    All my christain life i have always desired to please God and love Him back as He loves me.Am quite new in this prophetic gifting and i would be happy if any would add more to what i read.please pray also for me so i can love the images of God on earth and be patient and hear God more audible.

  39. my prophetic ministry is one of complexity because the lord has given me the ministry to prophesy to both individuals and the nation, but whats so hard is that I hold back because the prophetic word is directed to others that are over me, especially my pastor who God has a word for but it may not be what he wants to hear or it may be taken that I am speaking out of pride,etcbut I am asking God to lead me and direct me. My problem is holdong back! please pray for me. God has an a mighty hand on me and when I am released the whole world will know it.

    • you are not alone im desame too holding back..and its hurt..

      love glen,

  40. someone email me on my site for a response

  41. look forward to a blessed response

  42. Someone help please! I feel so strongly God is trying to tell me something through numbers I see. However, I can’t put it together. I have been praying and meditating trying to figure it out. What do I need to do?

  43. I stumbled upon this site as i went to how to learn to prophesy. Everything happens for a reason and glad I stopped and read all the comments. I too thought I was alone on weird or something was wrong with me..sometimes even tuned it out. As God has brought many of my memories in peices..jus the ones that I need to remember..God gifted me so many yrs ago..and as a young adult..I remember many times talking to a friend one on one about something and then all the sudden I look into thier eyes and can read thier was like a sorda outta body experience sorda..just like it was jus me and that person (when many were around and lotta noise) it was quiet and I read and spoke things about that person I never knew about brought them undersanding and peace..then it was like someone flipped a switch and the noise and ppl were back. Someone spoke of Deja my..I have had many over the yrs and never understood til now really…so many things God has shown me and I never understood..even after I would get these like visions it scared me like a warning of the end of times..ppl starving and desilance everywhere..I would ask what am I supposed to do? I am scared God…How can I prepare and save others? Here resently at my church a few of us are watching these DVD series on the supernatural and prophetic ministry..alot of what has been said on those dvds are alot of what I have felt all these yrs and didn’t know how to go about them and has stirred things in me..has helped me remember things..but mostly has made me feel better knowing i wasn’t going crazy lol..
    Also..I have a few comments on i read i would get “feelings” …
    BjB..Quiton had the same “feeling” i had about what u said..which made me go”ty Lord” (i need neon signs sometimes for comfirmation lol) but i had just jotted down a reminder to comment on u and then read Quintons comment after..I had jotted..”new wind” new season, spread the word/give u r part of the fresh air..u know when it is really hot outside and the air just isn’t stirring..u r sufficating? then a burst of cool air comes thru and gives u hope? It is like that..u are part of the new wind sweeping thru the nation..stirring ppl..rejuvinating thier soul and the Faith in God..
    Lamar..u have a special gift hun..ppl fear what they don’t understand.. stay in the Faith and God will lead u and show u how ir gift is to be used for His will.
    Harriet..I too am afraid of error..looks as many just allowing the Lord to utilize us in the prophetic are..U have to have Faith in God…in His his word..Have Faith in Him..Let him take the wheel and lead u where u need to go..we are here to establish the end lead others to know have Faith in Him..To understand that everything happens for a reason that God has a purpose for all of us..Don’t be in a rush for things..God works on “God’s time” patient..don’t chase..let it flow thru u..have to be in no hurry..things will come to pass if u just be patient…Faith is a powerful thing..
    Ok before I get off my “soapbox” lol..Something that jumped out at me in the DVD series I have been watching is …
    ” Remember ur gifts u had in the help re-enforce the ones in ur future”
    If u are like helped me to remember the gifts that he had already given me that I didn’t know I had or knew but didn’t know if that makes any sense lol
    PS Here is a great statement…Is so true for soo many ppl I talk to..
    The past is a “Guidepost..Not a hitching post”..take what happened in ur past serve as a guide post..learn from them..but don’t hitch urself there for all eternity..

    God Bless N Keep U Safe Always!

  44. sorry…sometimes (alot of times) I get long winded and the need to clarify

  45. Greetings, My Dear brethren and sistren in the prophetic…I have spent a wonderful hour medidating on your comments and other information on the internet that I am receiving at this time. I am so grateful to the Lord for loving me, keeping me and watching over me as He does. I too have warred with my flesh and spiritual life, though I now know without a doubt that these are clear signs of a calling to ministry. i thank God that He has not forgotten His children and so many young people are gifted in the prophetic as well. i have struggled with a suppressed gift of music and prophesy, which has mostly been seen in my rap songs that I have recorded and performed. Also I have been known to advise, enlighten and encourage people unintentionally by accident, if you get my point. I do not have anything outside of the Word of God to share. I feel like when I read or hear a good word it is only confirmation to me of what I already know. I understand who I am now thanks to the willingness to say, Yes, Lord! Show me how to serve you. I used to call myself an entertainer or rap artist, but I now know that that was only to build my confidence, skills, and character because of all I have experienced in that Hip Hop World. The Lord has not done with me yet. I am just beginning. though there is no million dollar deal, there has always been so much annointing in my gift, but I was doing it all in ego and for the world’s approval. my message never even fit with that industry, so I have been very missunderstood, and used and even abused due to my heart, and willingness to serve and aid others in their success. I fear no more and I have no regrets, for I now say that I am a P.I.T. or Prophetess In Training as the guest Pastor confirmed for me the other day in his sermon. Hallelujiah, Lord…its all for You now…please help me to hear, stay focused, and stay covered in the Blood!!!

  46. God bless you all my brothers and sisters in Christ. I’m a young woman. also called to be a prophet/seer..God is actually calling me into my ministry…I know that I will be an evangelist. I just want to know how to tap into my prophetic gift and keep flowing from there. But I also don’t want to mess up… if you guys can help me with anything, just email me

    God Bless

  47. I’ve felt for several years that the lord has called me into the prophetic.
    I’ve had many of the same experiences of my brothers and sisters in christ.
    Recently, i saw a quick vision of a large golden key.
    I’m very new to this and would like to talk to someone who has more insight. My email is
    God bless!

  48. I’m thankful I have come across this site now. I believe I have a prophetic gift too, yet to this day do not know how to operate in it properly. It has been supressed all my 18 years of knowing Christ. Church leaders and members would intimidate me and burden me, so over the years, things got so bad I left church. I have NEVER stopped loving God. I now truly understand why so many (especially young people) don’t care to attend church. Its is sad. My question is, how DO I learn to develop and operate in this gift in a way that pleases God? I am at a point in my life that I feel if I don’t get it right and fulfill my purposes while here, I may as well go on and be with Him. I’m not satisfied just to be here. I must know and accomplish whatever He put me here to accomplish. If you have advice from the Lord, email me at and put “Prophetic Help” in the subject line. Please, only serious repliers – I need nothing added to my life to make it harder than it is. I need true guidance. Also, I live in a small town where even the leaders that seem to be doing their best are of little or no effect. So, there is no one I could go to that I am aware of. I say this not in arrogance, but in humility. Our whole area needs prayer. There seems to be a deep oppression here. Thank you and God bless.

  49. i too have a prophetic gift and i have also been called to preach my grandmother is very spiritual and she had been telling me ever since i was a child that i had beed called to oreach and prophesy and i has been confermied my my pastor but as a child i used to see spirits every night and dream dreams and it used to scare me and it still does 19 years later and i am mostly afraid that that would start back up again and that i would mees up prophesying and i see what preacher s ha ve to deal with day by day with the people of the church and i am afraid that i cannot do that and i am afraid of the respodsability of biend respodsible for the souls of gods people

  50. I am concerned that many people want to prophesy but do not understand that this is not glitz and glamor as we see on TV. I remembered as a little girl I was reading my bible one day and I read that It is best to desire to prophecy. I wanted the gift because I always just want the best. Aiming for the sky.

    However I never really truly got saved until I was in my mid twenties. I still didn’t take the lord seriously until after I was attacked and almost killed. I can still say that that I still did not seek him or go into the word deep enough until my husband became a Pastor and I became a prey for demons and devils.

    I find that every where I go people keep prophesying to me about my calling and them one day I remembered that I had asked for this gift just before a teenager.

    I believe that the gift is in us before we are born and the seed just pushes us to pray to God to activate it. Right now God is calling for the prophets like Jeremiah to tell the people to repent from idolatry. Not to tell them that I see God blessing them when they are not even living right.

    How do you train yourself to do this operate with compassion and in a spirit of meekness when you know that you have issues?

    Much persecution could come to you. You may be told to take the plank out of your eye before taking a spec out of someone else life.

    What recommendations do you have for this type of prophet?

  51. AS a little girl, i was told by a man of God that i will operate in life as a prophetess in the Lord’s vineyard. As i grew up this started manifesting and lately, I have been told by several Men and Woman of God that God wants me to put in my Full time into the ministry and I have found really hard to obey . meanwhile, God has been sending warning message concerning this, He has even told me that He will make me loose the job confused . I really want to be sure that am doing the right and am afriad of a full time ministry as i really do not know where to start from or how to go about it .

  52. i thank God for you, for the little lesson i learn on the prophetic the lord been using me in that area for some time now, almost everything the lord show me about people come to pass. but i still want to learn more please help me the best way you can.i m a pastor i live in minnesota usa.i m a african from liberia west africa.i enjoy the reading and i copy so many things from there.

  53. i have a strong desire for the prophetic gifting.iHAVE ENJOYED THE MOVE OF THIS GREAT GIFT AND WOULD WANT TO MAINTAIN THIS GRAT ANIONTING.Thaks for unveiling this misery to us God bless you and your entire teams

  54. I have bookmarked this site several months ago and almost completely forgot about it. My question is that when you have discovered you have the prophetic gift and God begins to speak to you about other people–how do you confront them with confidence and in love. I know that there’s no escaping this call because everytime I feel God is moving on me to speak -I will feel an intense burning fire in my innermost belly as the Holy Spirit moves in me. Please point in the right direction on how to develop this gift and call on my life–everyone that God has allowed me to speak to says that I have given them a confirmation or that I have encouraged them in a situation that they are currently facing. Please help-I get very nervous when I have to deliver the word face to face and know that can’t always email people –it’s more like copping out!

    • Hi Hanukkah, I had the same problem before. At times God, through the holy spirit, would show me a person who is having a problem. I’ll be nervous especially when the person being shown to me is highly regarded in the community. Many thoughts will play around my mind and I would ignore the message I have to deliver. I would spend days fasting praying for those people for God to show mercy upon their lives. One day when I was coming from the mountain I met a man that I do not know. He stopped me and requested to talk to me regarding my calling. I was so surprised. The first thing he mentioned, he said God says that I will face challenges ahead because I refuse to tell his lost children the messages I receive from Him. I told the man that I am scared to tell people especially If I do not know them. He gave me this conjunction: I must stop drinking heavy drinks(such as coffee) I should drink lot of water in the morning. I should stop eating spicy food including red meat. He said that as a chosen prophet from my family I should be a vegetarian. he said i should take my supper before 07h00 pm and there after I must drink lots of water. Once per month I should make use of constipation medicine to clean my digestive system. I do not eat salty food and I do not take sugar. I have been practicing this for a year now and the experience is awesome. When I’m at church the holy spirit will ascend in my body, I will have a funny feeling and there after I will see images of people and uncontrollably I would stand and take the to a private place to talk to them about God’s revealation. I am now not scared anymore. my nervous system is weak. I’m not shy or ask myself whether what has been revealed to me is true/false.

  55. i have a prophetic gift.. its come naturally when i am soaking and worshiping Father.. i understand this what written in this blogs…

    but now im totally low and down.. please pray for me..

    thank you very much..

    sis in Christ,

    love glen,

  56. all i read here has same sound…the lovingly words.. indeed this site is God anointed children, we speak same, we talk same, and we feel same, just amazing how we understand each other..

    i am so much bless.. to all of you.. please continue to pray to one another..

    we serve desame Lord who richly loving and understanding Father.

    we have one purpose and reason why we find this site.. because we want a comforter.. and answer to all question in our mind..

    truly i am comforted.. now i know im not alone who has a weird gift hhehehee

    God bless you all i love you in Christ..

    love glen

  57. Im so glad i found this site.I knew there were more people that have prophetic gifts i mean were all prophets of god who write in this. Ok well i was born with a prophetic gift and my mom waited until i turned 18 to tell me this. im thinking that she didnt want me to turn out doing the wrong thing with that gift, that god gave me and she wanted to wait until i was responsible enough to do the right thing with it cause you can either use it for good or bad and she didnt want me to be confused and use it the wrong way…God is the way he gave me this gift and i want to live my life his way the way he wants me too do it his plan for me.Ive been going down the wrong path for a while now because of friends and things im use to and i know that i have to put the past behind me and im prolly going to lose a heck of alot of friends but God has a plan for me im not exactly sure right now what it is but lately something has been telling me to tell my friends about his word and how he saves people and protects us, and he is the one that controls everything, the alpha and the omega. something has always been telling me that i need to tell people about Jesus Christ our savior but i ignored it alot. Ive frequently been getting bad vibes aruond certain people feeling very unconfortable and fear and something is telling me too stay away from them so im gonna do that….My life is alot differient from alot of people im very loyal to people expeccially family and friends im misunderstod by alot of people and unappreciated etc…..i quit on living a sinners life its about God now and what he wants me to do

  58. and God please guide us through these days, let us know what to do next, and keep your angels charged over all of us

    God bless

  59. hello, my name is melissa and I am very prophetic, I have been given the gift of sight, and I also can heal to, I want to know how to develop this more and for god to release what he has for me in his timing, could you please help, I also know at some point that this will be a healing ministry but I dont know how to walk in this gift because it doesnt feel that i’m helped where I am

  60. I’m Victoria, 14 years old. The most amazing thing happend to me yesterday. I met a woman in a restaurang and I and my friend started to talk with her. I sing, (she didin’t know that) and she said that god will give me songs and that I’m a leader and that I will talk.. And what I say can change much. That i’m a leader. She also told me that I have a special strength.. that I have to pray that i get a prophetic gift. It was amazing..

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