Posted by: saltyseven | September 11, 2007

I asked the Lord..

A few minutes ago I was just outside looking up at the stars and contemplating on the Lord.

I said “Lord, why did you make the moon”?

And then he replied..

“Because there is always a light that shines in the darkness”

My spirit was quickened and I got that Holy Spirit rush, and then not even a second after he said my amazment I was staring at a candle that had been lit earlier by my Aunt. I didn’t realize it until after he said this.

Even though it can get pretty dark at times there is always a light that is shining through, and his name is Jesus. There is going to be darkness as long as we are on this earth, but there is always a light.

Then I asked..

“How come when the sun comes up there is complete sunlight”

He replied..

“To shut up the darkness”

Every morning the sun never ceases to shine…every day it comes up. Do you have faith that the sun will come up tomorrow morning? Of course you do. Its that same faith that has the power to move mountains and to set the prisoners free.

A revolution is falling upon the earth. A revolation of spirit and of truth. The ambers fall and the fire burns. Who will walk in the counsel of the almighty, and who will hear his voice? Stand up and turn from your wicked ways for the earth is trembling with the joy of the Lord. The time has come to leave everything behind and for the church to turn and return to her first love. Jesus, son of God, King of kings, Lord of Lords, God, Jehova.

The fire is falling.

We are to be fire catchers.

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