Posted by: saltyseven | October 3, 2007

Prophetic Word – October 3rd 2007

Word for today:

I am looking for an army. I am looking for an army that will stand up and put the things behind them. the things that they live for. An army that will put their hands to the plow and that will not look back.

i am raising this army up, and they shall site by my side fro all eternity.

Grow strong in the spirit of the Lord and do not grow weary. I said do not grow weary for a time is coming when all things will be made new on the earth.

I am calling out to my people. Hear my voice, know my voice, and grow in the ways of my Spirit. That you may stand on the day of judegment. Let your slips not speak the evil words of this world, but let them speak and sing of my praises. I need my people to praise me in the hour.

The children of this earth are looking for fathers. The fatherless generation. They need you. You must go in my name and in my Spirit and say what I speak to you. You must only speak what you hear me say.

Anything else you say on your own out is a hindrance to my plan.

The time is coming where you will see these things more clearly, but now you must walk by faith. Faith in my name.

You are cleansed by my blood and are made new in my Spirit. Those things that would come up to haunt you, those things that would lift their finger against my anointed ones. They shall be silence.

Call out to me on this day. The world is mourning in his hour, the world is morning because they do not know where they are going. They can not hear my voice. you must go to them, and be my voice.


  1. Praise God! There is water in the rock….in a dry and dessert land….broken souls are torn within….only He can heal the pain….

    (Words and music by Jonathan Duckett 2007)

  2. God Bless you for the report.

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