Posted by: saltyseven | January 31, 2008

Jesus is wonderful

Today in class Allen was preaching/teaching on the Cross. Specifcally the Bridal Paradigm…and something else I forgot. He went through two sessions in one, so during the last hour of the class I was still meditating and day dreaming about the Bridal Paradigm.

Oh Yeah! He was talking about the fellowship of suffering! I remember now…that spoke to me too. Reminded me of talking with Lelsie-Ann when I was visiting Globals school last year. The Lord just brought to memory some things she said.

So the Bridal Paradigm. Man, Jesus is so awesome. I’ve honestly never loved him this much. When you see him as the very lover of your soul…and when you see yourself as the bride…there is no love like this. I’ve never ever known love like this. There are many aspects of God, but even if I never deeply experience the other aspects of love (like the Father) this bridal paradigm love thing could hold me for many life times.

There are moments when his love has come to me in the form of the Savior and the Father….but this love I’m feeling is so much different. A lot of you may not know what I’m talking about…if you do then you know what I’m saying.

I guess the Lord reveals himself to us in different ways at different seasons of our lives? Right now I’m learning that I am a beautiful bride and he is the King of Kings, my maker, my husband. I’m to tend the garden (I am the garden)…I am to tend the place of encounter.

I love him SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much. If you dont know Jesus like this, please email me or leave a comment. I want to pray for you….you simply must have this.

I don’t know him all that well as my father yet…but the father is in Jesus, and he’s in the Father. It makes me sad when I hear stories of how the Fathers glory is so great that in heaven you can’t even go near him…so great that angels get flung accross the room when he moves his pinky. lol. Thats awesome, and fearful…but I got mad one day after hearing someone say this. (In an innocent little kid way).

I told him that I didn’t care that his glory is so great that it would probably kill I told him that if he was my father then he would find a way for me to come up to him in heaven. Like turn his glory down a little bit so I could play with him. lol. (I was saying this in a LITTLE KID way…so dont be offended and take this REALLY SERIOUSLY). Then I started crying and told him that me, him, my earthly grandfather, and my dad (who isnt saved yet) were going to play baseball all together as one big family one day. lol.

Then the Fathers love came to me and I cried myself to sleep.

I’m going to end this for now. If you pray for me…pray that I would know the love of Jesus deeper and deeper and deeper. I’m having a hard time entering in while in the Prayer Room (Im at IHOP now..I’ll update you later). Once in awhile I can enter into love and worship…but most of the times I can only enter in to that special place of his heart when Im alone. So…it like kind of defeats the purpose of going to the prayer room sometimes. lol.

I’ll be sitting with Jesus at home and then I look at the clock and I have to rush off to the prayer room. lol. Prayer room would be wonderful if I could learn how to enter in while around people.

Anyway. God Bless you guys!!


  1. Hey, Bless you.
    Just go to the prayer room in simple faith. Dont be distracted by others who have already “entered in”. Because you do have the Holy Spirit already “in” you, believe. In Jesus, it is already who you are…”entered in one”. After all, it is all about Jesus’ work. Let Him do the “entering in thing” in you. Your heart is right. It is a sweet tender aroma. Fear, intimidation (even wanting to do the right thing) is keeping you out of that prayer room. Don’t stay away. Jesus, as the lover of our souls draws us to enter in. He knows we are just dust but His love is so great for us. Find yourself being drawn by Him. You will be sweetly surprised as you find yourself delighting in His thing with you.

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