Posted by: saltyseven | February 1, 2008

Did not our hearts burn within us?

How can I put into words this longing love I have within my heart?

Your acts of kindness are consuming me.

I am unworthy to be called your friend.

I bowed my head in shame and I hid my face.

You lavished your affections on me anyway.

In my disgrace I rejected you and went my own way for awhile.

I found misery and darkness wherever I turned

But I could still see your carpenter hands reaching down to me

I spent all of my inheritence

I squandered everything I could

I became death to myself and when I fell back you caught me

You took me from the dirt and you cleaned me up

You put me in kingly robes and crowned my head with rightiousness

You made a place for me in your Holy Land

How can words express the gratitude that is beaming within my heart?

I’ve never known love like this.

Words cannot truley express


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