Posted by: saltyseven | February 9, 2008

Supernatural God Stuff?

Since the original theme of this blog was “Supernatural” God…stuff I’ll share a few testimonies that took place within the past 1.5 weeks. I can’t think of better terminology.

Note: I’m shifting the theme of this blog. Before I “officially” met the Lord at the age of 19 (not including accepting him into my heart as a kid) I was always fascinated with the supernatural. At the age of 7 up until my teens I turned to witchcraft, occult, and psychic stuff…trying to fill that void inside of me.

Then the real God (Jesus) supernaturally encountered me while alone in my room one night. (I was drunk too Anyway…not going to get into my testimony…but supernatural spiritual things are really not that big of a deal now. Yes, they are still mind-blowing..but…I don’t really see the need to blog about it. Instead, why not just blog about how awesome Jesus is?


All within the past couple of weeks I’ve had the following awesome things take place:

Last Minute Finances – God is so funny.

1 – Rent payed. I did not have my rent money until the very last the very last min. (Febuary 1st). I had $0.00. No pennies…no nickels…no dimes. My gas tank was on empty, and I had just gas to make it home..but not back again to school. I’ve heard Mike say that God (for some reason) always provides the money (when standing in faith for it) on the very last day at the very last minute. I believed him (God..and and had the pleasure of trying it out once again. :o)

After School 2 people gave me checks. One for $350 (the amount of my rent). He said God gave him extactly $350 extra that month…and that is what it was for. I’m walking out smiling. I started asking God “What about gas money?”. I had no food either..but wasn’t thinking about that. I started wondering where gas money was going to come from. Then..someone runs out and starts calling my name and gives me a $300 check. lol. Thank you Jesus. I was able to get gas, buy groceries, and get a few things I needed.

That was so cool. As if that wasn’t enough. I’ve been praying for a laptop (because I had to sell my computer to afford the move to Kansas City). My Aunt randomly called me and told me to buy a laptop at So I did, and I just got it a few days ago! (I’m a noob internet marketer…but its still how I make my money to live off of….I make anywhere from $100-$200 a month passively online)

Lots of other stuff. I wont go into detail but…

Got a supernatural text message!

My grandmom put me on her family plan so I got a new phone and a new phone number. The first week I had it I kept getting wrong numbers, and so I was planning on changing it. I actually tried, but they wouldn’t let me without authorization. It’s funny…because the Lord actually wanted me to have this phone number. He gave it to me on purpose.

I’m sitting in Allen Hoods class around 10 AM. All of a sudden my phone goes off and I have a text message. This was like a week / week and a half after I first got the phone. Only 5 people or so had the number, mostly family. So I thought it was strange that I would receive a text message. The timing was perfect for this too. I was in a place of joy, faith, and a place where I REALLY REALLY wanted to hear from God.

I open the text and this is what is says..
“Know that God has prepared something great 4 U & it will b something U haven’t seen,heard,or even thought of! So bready 2 receive it when it comes~God Blessed!”

LOL. Crazy huh? I text’d the person back. They DO NOT know me or my family. The Lord had them text that to me, someone they DID NOT know. lol. Weird.


(EDIT…lol. WoW…again…the Lord is awesome)

Starting to get an above average amount of dreams. The weird thing is, they actually happen. Like dreaming about my 1st to 8th grade teacher Mrs. “Little-hail” and having it hail (correction…having it “little-hail) the next day. I managed to interpret that one right. I knew it was going to hail last week. I’ve come to the conclusion that the reason God tells me (and just ppl) stuff like this is because…he just likes to tell people things. He does nothing without telling his servants the prophets first. (note: Not saying I’m a prophet)

I’m having a lot of mini minds eye visions (which is very very common for me)…but they have increased to the point where …like when I think Im seeing an angel in the Spirit…I’ll get a confirmation later by actually physically feeling the Angel. Stuff like that….I’ve been seeing stuff and then the Lord has been confirming to me that Im actually seeing…and that its not coming from my flesh.

I’m also feeling Angels a lot more now. Its so cool. Thank you Jesus!! I’m starting to question whether being aware of Angelic activity is a part of the Gift of discernment. I know with confidence now that the Lord has ordained and called me to be a prophet…and thats probably a gift that goes a long with that. Im so much more confident in my calling now. (Note: Im not saying Im a prophet…just because I have that calling does NOT make me one right now. Im so far far away from it…I really have no clue) I’m so happy. I’m learning how to get rid of false humility too (which is actually pride in disguise).

Oh yeah…saw an Angel in disguise too. Thats a story in itself. Right after I got the money I told God to send someone to me that I could bless. Saw a hitchhiker with a long beard. As soon as I looked at him I just saw “Angel” all over him. I remembered how the Lord sends Angels to test us at times.

I drove 20-30 seconds after seeing him (to turn around..he was on the other side of the road). Anyway…I take out $20 of the money I received to give it to him…and I was going to give him a ride to where he was going.

I turn around…and he is completely gone. He just vanished.


Other stuff..but it really doesn’t matter anymore. Jesus is all I care about.

Jesus is so awesome and I give him ALL of the PRAISE!!

Seek first the kingdom of God.. (—–Seriously.

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