Posted by: saltyseven | February 22, 2008

So I moved to Kansas City

If you haven’t figured it out from my other posts, I’m not living NJ or FL anymore. I’m in Kansas City now. I’ve been here since December 30th and I had to keep pinching myself the first two weeks because it just did not feel real. The Lord literally just opened up the door to everything here. I’m going to the School at IHOP (FSM). I had to step out in faith though and pack everything into my car and drive here…with very little money and with no word on whether I was going to be accepted or not.

The Lord has been seriously just blowing my mind. You REALLY REALLY have no idea, and I’m not going to even try explaining.

The Holy Spirit is just so real guys. I can feel him sitting with me right now. The very person who created the stars in the sky is speaking encouragement to me right now. This is just insane. Do you KNOW how many stars there are? No…but he does.

I feel like I’m at a tipping point. I really don’t know what that means, but it sounds about right. All of the pain, suffering, and trials I’ve gone through the past 4 years has lead up to where I am now. lol. Looking back, I wish I knew what I know now. Things really are never as bad as they seem.

All things work for the good of those who are called according to his purpose, those who love him.

I’m the kind of person where I just do not like leading…at all. The Lord has called me to be a leader, but I can’t lead. lol. I came here hoping and expecting to receive from everyone I met. I was hoping that everyone in my school and FSM would be super spiritual and just be able to teach me and help me and stuff.

I’m finding the opposite to be honest. I feel like the Lord wants me to start stepping out and be-friending, helping, and speaking encouraging words to people.  I get/see/perceive so much stuff about people (when I look)…I never knows whats right and whats not.  When I’m accurate with birthdays…its just freaky.  I’ll have days where I’ll be hearing and see accurate stuff…and then there are many days where I seem to be off on a lot of things.  Its weird.

My one problem is not being able to express what I’m seeing,hearing,perceiving.  I can’t find words a lot of times…even when I do there are a lot of things I’m just not supposed to share.  I don’t know, get confused sometimes.

I’ve always felt so small and insignificant, so I never allowed myself to do that. I always told myself it was pride, even though I don’t think it really was. For some reason I always looks to people like they know everything I don’t know…like they have everything. Then when I start getting revelations from the Holy Spirit, I just assume everyone else already knows it and that I’m like the last person to find out.

This has really hindered me from wanting to encourage people.

I’ve leaned on people too much and I feel like the Lord finally wants me to start stepping out…and I’m like all terrified and stuff. lol. I’m the shyest, most scared of ppl person I know…and yet the Lord is calling me to be and end time messenger. This just baffles my mind. My weaknesses are made perfect in his strength? This makes no sense what-so-ever to the natural mind…it baffles our understanding. Yet its the very word of the Lord.

The Second thing I’ve realized is..I thought this was going to be some super spiritual thing. wow. lol. I’m realizing that even though it is the Lords will for me to be @ FSM/IHOP right now…I don’t need any one…any person…any man to teach me…It’s Holy Spirits job. 75% of the stuff I am learning and hearing here (BESIDES end times stuff) I’ve learned…from spending time in the secret place.

Anyway. I’m really praying for direction now. I’ve always looked and thought that God would raise me up and then send me out in the distant (really really distant…far far away) future. Umm..I’m living in my pasts future. This is insane. I wish I could stay in my comfort bubble…but…pop….pop…..pop.

Like I said, I almost have to pinch myself. I feel like I’m dreaming.

Anyway. I’m going to cut this short…but I have one prayer request. I’m praying for real friends. Not casual friends, real friends. People I will still talk to 10 years from now…the kind where we share in each others burdens, joys, and just life. I have not had true friends like this since I lived in FL. I need this here…and it has to be the Lord. You can’t just force friendships.

Also. Pray that I’ll have money to pay my rent on March 1st. I have no doubts. God is God and If he says he is going to provide every single needs I’m just going to believe him. Why worry about tomorrow? Jesus…u r way too cool for me.


– Scott Sharpe

I love you guys. Especially the people who come hear searching for things like “power in Jesus name”

Email me your prayer requests, or just leave a comment. If its money…then just believe and you will receive. Oh yeah, one last thing. I’m not sure if I shared my $30 million dream or not last year. Please pray about that if you can. The Lord is going to give me the grace to earn $30 million for the kingdom. I’m hoping and guessing that is just a starting place, because that really is NOT a lot of money compared to the amount of needs and the amount of souls in the world. I’m pretty sure (but not positive) I’m going to make the money online. (Not for me, for God.) I’ll tell u the dream sometime.

I’m off to bed, its 3 AM.


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