Posted by: saltyseven | February 24, 2008

($30 Million) To Be Brought Into The Kingdom – Dream ($30 Million)

First let me start off this post by describing a dream I had a year ago. To give you a little background, there was a period of 2 weeks where I was just having dream after dream from the Lord. This particular night I had 3 different dreams given to me. The people who dream a lot know that the length of the dream doesn’t matter too much. One picture or one short dream can speak multitudes.

This particular dream was pretty short…like maybe a minute.

I was standing in some kind of church foyer area. It was a heavy traffic area and there were various random people (believers) around me. Benny Hinn was 3 feet in front of me. He was standing there with his hand stretched out. In his hand was a pen, and he said..

“This pen is for anyone who will receive it”

I looked around and no one cared. Everyone was busy, busy, busy…just walking by. No one cared or even payed attention to him saying this. Well..I jumped at it and grabbed/snatched the pen out of his hand.

I held the pen in my hand and put in the light to see what it looked like. There was an inscription on the pen. The inscription read:


Immediately I woke up and had the full meaning and interpretation.


Since having this dream I have claimed this promise over my life. I will earn $30 million for the kingdom of God. Which is nothing. Not for me, not for glamor…take me out of the equation. Time is ticking…

Little did I know a couple months later I would be introduced into the world of internet marketing. I spent a lot of time researching and learning how to make money online. I am unlearned, I didn’t even graduate high school…I do not know how to change a tire…let alone make $30,000,000.

I’m foolish in the eyes of the “world”. Yet I fully believe I will make this money, soon. Not in 10 years…within 5 years. I’d dare say 3 years…but 5 years sounds safe. I have a ton of ideas for making money online, I just have not started an action plan. I’m very very creative, but when it comes to getting things done…thats where I lack.

I’m also going to be using the internet and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to find people to support me as an intercessory missionary at IHOP. Right now I’m only making around $100-$200 online…passive income. If I can raise support (around $700 a month) I’ll be able to use the money I’m making online for Gods kingdom. Giving some to IHOP, some to God TV, some to people in need here (or wherever God tells me…his money)….and the rest investing in the ideas the Lord is giving me for the online world.

I’d also like to make a portal/hub/website for people who are looking to raise support as an intercessory missionary. (Just one of many ideas) Whether at IHOP, or somewhere else around the world. I’m not sure how its going to work yet (prolly be an application process), but there are thousands of people worldwide (Especially ppl who watch God TV) who would love to support an intercessory missionary…but they don’t know how…and don’t know any.

Why not have a website, with profiles, video, etc. Kind of like Compassion does with supporting children..but online and a lot different. Same concept though. In Acts everyone was in one accord and they gave to one another as they had need.

Anyway. Its just an idea, not sure if I’ll do it or not. I have 4 other online ideas right now (God stuff…not make money ideas…My Internet Marketing Ideas are separate right now)…one of them I’m really excited about.

Please just pray over this. Hopefully $30 million is just the first of a lot more.

– Scott

P.S. – Its not hard to make $1 million online. I just haven’t had the motivation to do it yet. If you are interested in learning how to make money online I’m going to start a blog soon showing you how. There are MANY different ways…and get Ebay out of your mind…cuz thats not one of the ones I’ll be teaching. :o)

In the meantime I may choose to continue a blog I made for my roommate about making money online. If you are an intercessory missionary and would like advice on this, contact me…its not hard to get up to $500 a month (passive) online. It just takes time a motivation. – Only 1 post so far.  If people respond to this I’ll start updating it.  Just drop me a comment or an email.


  1. how can I be involved in such program?

  2. how can I also be involved is such program?

  3. how can I also be involved in such program?

  4. I believe that God will definitely open doors up for you to make the 30 million that he specified in the dream. You can rest assure people just don’t have dreams about that kind of money if the Lord didn’t want you to know that you were suppose to have it. I will pray for you and for wisdom on how to use the 30 million we both know that you will receive God will open doors for you. He will show you how to make the money. You will see. Just be patient. My prayers go out to you, and God bless you for having a heart for God.

    Kelly Farner
    Titus Group

  5. I love how the nigerians want to know how to make money online!!

  6. im so much bless to you.. thank you for making me smile..

    30 million usd is nothing compare to God richly abundant love..

    as His children we already receive it.. its in our hand..

    God bless you all

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