Posted by: saltyseven | February 26, 2008

The seriousness of the hour

I just read something that sparked my heart.  We need to stop focusing on what is directly in front of us and turn our eyes completely towards heaven.  Its the only way we can truly stand.  I’ve lost focus trillions of times, I somehow manage to lose focus everyday.  I’m living in yesterdays discisions and so are you.

Are you where you wanted to be (spiritually) a few years ago?

I’m not, I could be a lot higher and more in tune with the Lord than I am right now.  I’m living in the consequences of yesterdays choices.  The choices i have made, one by one, over the last few years.

Many mistakes have been made, but its time to move on and turn my eyes completely to Jesus.  If I take my eyes off him for even a moment, I will fall back into the water..just like Peter did.

I’m starting to understand that dieing to yourself, crucifying yourself is not just a daily thing.  Its something we must do moment by moment.

Time is so important, especially now in 2008.  Every second counts, make sure you have your eyes set on the throne of God.  Don’t forget to put on the armor of God and to pray for the spirit of wisdom and you can make the right/wise choices.

– I’m learning the high cost of squandering your time…and what a high cost it is.


  1. good posting…

  2. Great post= time is more valuable than money. It took me some time to discover that. You can be given millions of dollars (30 million for example), but I have never heard of anyone getting the ‘past time’ back, the previous years lived. So I thought this is an outstanding post, cause its really true.

    I am looking around at your posts trying to better my site, split stuff up, figure out categories etc. I have some podcasts and music I want to do also, this year. Anyway, its a ‘brave new world’ and i am just going for it. If we don’t fill the airways…….. someone else will. We can’t leave a spiritual vacuum by not being present online! bless you


  3. Again, ver batum…God can deal very quickly with a heart wholly given. And it will make up for all the lost time, we just need to come to that point through prayer and fasting. We just have to ask him to reveal to us what we need to repent of and listen to what He is saying. Prayer and Fasting will launch us forward to where we are called to be in Christ..God Bless

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