Posted by: saltyseven | April 1, 2008

The Power Of The Word & Reading Scripture

There a many reasons why you should consistently read the Word and get it on the inside of you. One major reason in is that it literally transforms and re-shapes your thinking – ultimately drawing you closer to Jesus. You’ve probably heard it said before; the mind is the battlefield. It really is true.

Enemies Main Tactic – Taking Eyes Off Of Jesus

One of the main tactics the enemy uses is to try and cause us to shift our focus off of Jesus and put them on our circumstances or on our own shortcomings. Giving into these thoughts takes our focus off of the Lord and creates a breeding ground for all kinds of wicked thoughts and emotions. This is how envy, jealousy, and hate is born. This is also how depression, self-hatred, and even pride is birthed.

Its the process of taking our eyes off of what it pure and Holy and looking to ourselves. The enemy doesn’t have to throw 10 million thoughts at us. Some people are like hypochondriacs when it comes to demons. All an evil spirit has to do is try and get us to focus on ourselves. Once we’ve taken our gaze off of the Lord we can come up with, and cause all kinds of problems for ourselves on our own. The enemy doesn’t even have to do anything further. As soon as we lose sight of the Lord his objective (the enemies) has already been accomplished.

Disciplining yourself to read the Word EVERYDAY – Why do it?

Obviously it draws us closer to the Lord. Put that aside for a moment though.

Lets face it, reading the Bible is boring at times. There are so many distractions in life and sitting down to read the Bible for a set amount of time can be painful. We don’t always feel the Lord in what we are reading. It sucks when its happening, but its true for most of us.

The reason for reading the Bible on a consistent basis (even when you don’t feel like it) is that it transforms your thinking, and reminds you of whats important. God’s Word will not return to him void. It accomplishes what its set out to do – to revitalize your mind, body, and spirit.

When you read the Bible the living Word transforms and restructures the very core of your being, even when you don’t feel it happening. Just to give you a brief example. When I’m reading the Bible on a consistent basis, even during a “dry spell”..I’ll wake up in the middle of the night reading and quoting scripture. I’ll literally be reading images of scripture stored away somewhere in my mind. My eyes actually scan back and forth like I’m actually reading.

I don’t know why/how this happens – but when it happens I can feel things shift on the inside of me.

Another personal story

I didn’t “officially” meet the Lord until I was 19 years old – when he encountered me in my bedroom. However, I would read the bible off and on as a teenager from age 13 on. I’d usually do it in 2-3 week periods. I would get this overcoming urge to read the Word – it would last for a few weeks or so.

At this point in my life I believed in Jesus, but I did not understand or comprehend that he was alive and real. I felt nothing but a desire to consume the knowledge of God. It wasn’t supernatural and it was boring at times, but the craving for it would not go away.

The Lord used this time in my life to prepare me for the years that would follow. Something happened in my spirit and soul during these sessions of reading the Word. I was being injected with truth, that stayed with me. Years later – even in the midst of the horrible sin I was in – I could still sense Truth’s presence. Even when I was drunk and high this Truth would not leave me.

Getting into my testimony…

In fact – days before my salvation at age 19 the Spirit of Truth was speaking to me through music & pictures of my past. It was at the same time Switchfoots hit song came out – “Meant To Live”. I did not know they were Christian, but something felt different about the music I was listening do. I found myself crying out to something (God, but I didnt realize it)…singing “We were meant to live for something more….we want more than the wars of our fathers”

3 days later (give or take) I found myself sitting on my balcony smoking a cigarette. I was drunk off of beer and all of a sudden I felt the Word that was on the inside of me start to speak. I starting thinking about God and I yielded to these thoughts/feelings that seemed to be coming to me from some “unseen force”. It was Holy Spirit, I just didn’t have a grid for it back then.

After a few minutes I decided to go inside to put on a worship CD I listened to off and on through out the years. (It was a Delirious worship CD – the BEST worship band EVER – lol).

A song or two into it I began to engage in worship, true worship, for the first time. The song “Jesus Blood” came on and I started singing in my heart. All of a sudden the manifest presence of Jesus was hovering over me. For the first time I understood everything. He used the Truth that he injected me with (when i was younger) to lead me to this place.

I immediately understood everything I had previously read in Scripture – in an instant. I was immediately sober, and if someone were to have done an alcohol test I’m sure they would not have found a trace.

My point for sharing this..

The power of the Word. The power of reading it even when you don’t feel like it – even when its boring. The Lord is the Word – and it will not return back to him void.

This isn’t just for me because “I’m special” or anything. This applies to every human being regardless of who you think you are. Jesus is the Son of God – and he is real. If you want draw closer to him you need to read the Word, even though you don’t always feel him in it. It will transform your thinking, solve your problems, and ultimately establish a relationship with God – which gets deeper and deeper the more you read and spend time with him.

Solve my problem – The soul cries out

I’ve been through a lot of hard things in my life, and I’m still dealing with many issues.  There have been many times I’ve cried out and asked God to send me to a counselor, a ministry, anything that could help me deal with the issues I struggle with.  I’ve been seeking this for years.  However – in his great wisdom he has not done this.  If you are praying for something like this and have not received it their may be a reason (God is God).

Naturally – when we do not spend enough time in the Word – we take our focus off of God and put it on our problems (like I mentioned earlier).  When people do this they end up looking to man.  They look to a pastor – a ministry for help.  A good majority of the time this is very soul-ish and even unnecessary.  Jesus gives life.  If we would get out of the soulish realm for a moment and just meditate on him.  All of the fog surrounding our issues will seem to vanish and Jesus will become the center – everything will make sense.  It’s that peace that surpasses all understanding.  The peace & the wisdom that no man can give.

Just think about that.  If you are going through something major – its nice to talk to people and ask for help – but look beyond that for a moment.  Look to him to gives and takes away – the author of Life.

God Bless

– Scott Sharpe


  1. Amen! Spiritual maturity has nothing to do with age, and you are definitely on the right path. I can tell the difference when I miss one day…half a day or less of scripture reading…there is power in prayer and God’s Word. The Lord never promised our lives would be free of trails and struggles. In fact, He told us to expect them, but His grace and mercy is sufficient. T

  2. We just moved to a new country and it seemed that the ministry God was building through the prophetic gift in me ,in my previous church had been crushed. I was very dissapointed since we dont know anyone here and I kept wondering if i would loose the gift if did not regularly use it . For the past few days, Ive been asking God to teach me on how to grow in the prophetic. And I stumbled accross this site! The pointers in this site on growing in the prophetic is awsome. Thank you for being open to the voice of God.

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