Posted by: saltyseven | April 4, 2008

Holy Spirit Goosebumps vs Regular Goosebumps

Is it just me or do you get both sometimes – at the same time?  lol.  I think its so annoying when your in worship / in the presence of God and the air conditioner blows right on you.  Causing you to have both; Holy Spirit goosebumps & regular goosebumps.

Drives me crazy.   :o)


  1. I just did a Google search on these “holy spirit” goosebumps, because I’ve gotten them my whole life. I never really expected other people to get them as well. But it certainly is a nice little feeling.

    And *luckily* I’ve never had both at the same time…

    Although, I could imagine far worse things. :o)

  2. amaz-o vs curlys camera

  3. yes you can get both try having a sinus infection and the tingling in your head, then the holy spirit tingle. I love when the spirit is so strong there is no mistake or wonder just a state of awe. God bless you

  4. ohh well guys.. i have same feeling goosebumps.. but you know what i experience not just goosebumps.. i also feel the stirred of my stomach, blown up, nonstop crying, i seen fire,strong wind,i seen demons,angels, also hear the voice of Father..and earthquake before i speak the words.. i also shake sometimes.. i seen what s happening in the other nations, and many things..also i seen the spirit of death..

    and guys this is not a jokes..

    you experience desame? please pray for me..

    God bless you all

    love glen,

  5. I call it the electric wind or truth vibrations, others call them truth chills.

    Usually they happen when some truth has being spoken and it’s resonating through the body.

    symptoms include goosbumps, feeling of lifting and dropping, others can feel it through touch, can be passed on by touch too, sometimes overwhelming, often tears, tingles on forhead etc. etc.

    here’s my testimony…

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