Posted by: saltyseven | April 6, 2008

Fools Gold – The deceitfulness of this world

It’s funny how the Lord speaks to us sometimes.

I was reading one of the “make money online” blogs a friend of mine runs and I started thinking about time. If only I had the time  to get something serious started. I found myself thinking about how easy day to day living would be if I had the time  to pursue internet marketing 100%.  I’d be making a lot more money than I am now.

I’ve recently felt impressed by the Lord to not pursue internet marketing in this season of my life – but to completely focus on him. It’s a really really small impression. There are a million other things drowning it out. I’m finding that those small – less than a whisper – impressions are almost always the Lord. I’m talking microscopic.

As I was thinking about making money online I just heard the Lord say “I have more for you”. Doubt and fear hit me & then I heard “April Fools Gold”. Just a random way the Lord decided to spoke to me. I realize April fools just passed. He knew that for some reason I’d automatically & instinctively connect it to “Fools Gold” the very second I heard it. Almost a half a second after he spoke this too me I’m looking at a comment on a blog by someone named April.  Just random weirdness.

Anyway – just pointing out the small ways God speaks sometimes.

I sensed the Lord was talking about the deceitfulness of wealth & everything this world has to offer. When we look at it on the surface it looks very good. Just like the fruit in the garden was appealing to the eye so can sin & worldliness at first glance. Just like fools gold.

Fools gold was mistaken for real Gold by..fools

The definition according to Google (define:fools gold) is:

A term for non-gold ore similar in color to gold, usually mistaken by beginning prospectors because of the brassy glitter.

Fools Gold makes you feel good for the moment – but if it were to be tested in hot fire it would melt and fall apart almost instantaneously – unlike true Gold.

Is there anything in your life that you are mistaking as Gold – yet it is indeed fools Gold? I think its time for me to start re-evaluating some things.


  1. thank u for such powerful testimony I’m also stucked in the same feeling of making money but I thank the Lord Jesus who is the saviour of my life because by reading your testimony I learn simething out of it and I just pray that God will continue to groom you piritually and iin all the spheres of your. stay blessed from sandille

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