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The Titanic – The future of America?

Vision Of The Titanic – Symbolic of America

I was standing outside in the early morning and I had a brief “mini vision” (minds eye vision) of the RMS Titanic. Immediately I sensed Holy Spirit highlighting America. I started thinking about how calm everything is in the early morning. Everything is so peaceful and coming disaster seems non-existent.

Just like the Titanic had set out on a peaceful voyage, America is sailing her course. In our modern age we have luxury and technology like the world has not seen before. There are many similarities when you compare the two (The Titanic & United States). However, I’m not looking for a conspiricy theory – some things are naturally irrelevant. But in the Spirit of prayer, intercession, and prophecy I’m raising this question..

Can the near future of the United States be found prophetically in the history of the Titanic?

Facts & The Prophetic Picture of The Titanic

After pondering this for a few moments I decided to look at what Wikipedia had to say about The Titanic. I read through the whole article and found a striking prophetic picture about how the events unfolded.

I’m willing to bet that most people in the United States are not worried about coming disaster or coming war. Most of us in this country are busy living our daily lives are are normally focussed on whatever is directly in front of us. Just like the two watchman who spotted the iceberg on the Titanic ship.

lookouts Fredrick Fleet and Reginald Lee spotted a large iceberg directly ahead of the ship. Fleet sounded the ship’s bell three times and telephoned the bridge exclaiming, “Iceberg, right ahead!”…

A collision was inevitable and the iceberg brushed the ship’s starboard (right) side. – Wikipedia

It was too late. The two lookouts did not see the iceberg in time. As soon as they spotted the immediate disaster ahead they sounded the alarm. Just like in the days of Noah – when the rain came it was too late for those unbelieving, those who had not prepared.

You see The Titanic had two warnings after the first and very general “iceberg alert”. The first warning caused the captain to alter his course slightly to the south. There was no sign of danger and he probably was not worried. What kind of general warnings has America had in the past decade? Think about that.

The interesting thing is in the second and third warnings which somehow failed to reach the bridge of the ship (the bridge is the commanding room where the captain normally is). Two different ships had sent messages to the Titanic warning them that very large icebergs lie directly in the ships path.

That Sunday at 1:45 PM, a message from the steamer Amerika warned that large icebergs lay in the Titanic’s path, but inexplicably, the warning was never relayed to the bridge. Later that evening, another report of numerous, large icebergs, this time from the Mesaba, also failed to reach the bridge.Wikipedia

Prophetic Meaning

It’s obvious in the above picture, but I’ll explain it anyway. I think the Lord has clearly been warning the United States of the coming disaster that will unfold if she not fall on her face and repent. The Lord is raising up prophets in this nation to warn America. God never does anything without first revealing his plans to his servants the prophets. Judgment always comes after warning.

The Lord in his great patience and mercy is waiting for America to return to her first love. Jesus. The Lord has send many warnings and messages but they are not getting to the “bridge”. Which represents a number of things.

The general response to the prophetic warnings and messages from Gods people goes something like this..

“People walking around with their fingers in their ears saying ‘I don’t wanna hear'” – Misty Edwards song lyrics

One final interesting Fact & Prophetic Picture.

Image of “The burning man”. A festival full of immorality & witchcraft where participants dare God to send fire down on them.

(I could write a lot more about this – but I’m cutting it short)

The Californians radio operator attempted to warn the Titanic of the coming disaster. The icebergs ahead. Jack Phillips, the wireless operator, responded “”Shut up, shut up, I am busy”. Which is generally the response you get when warning both believers & unbelievers of the judgment that will come if they do not repent. When The Titanic was in sight The Californian in a final attempt tried sending a light signal to warn the ship. They did not respond.

Just before he went to bed at around 11:00 PM the Californian’s radio operator attempted to warn the Titanic that there was ice ahead, but he was cut off by an exhausted Jack Phillips, who snapped, “Shut up, shut up, I am busy”. When the Californian’s officers first saw the ship, they tried signaling it with their Morse lamp, but also never appeared to receive a response.

Think about it.

Read these lyrics from Misty Edwards song – “Days of Noah”:

Time, time, is ticking by
And I can feel an explosion inside
And Time, time is ticking by
And I can feel an explosion inside

As in the days of Noah
As in the days of Noah

There will be drinking, marrying, laughing,
As in the days of Noah
What a fool, they say
To build a boat on sand
What a fool, they say.

As in the days of Noah
What a fool, they say. X2

It’s never rained before,
It’s never rained before,
It’s never rained before,

As in the days of Noah
So it will be in the coming of the Son of Man

And what a fool, they say
To fast and pray
And what a fool, they say
C’mon it’s been two thousand years
Do you really think He’s coming?
C’mon and just get real.

And remember this verse
“And many, many scoffers will come”…

And when the rain starts falling
It’s too late, It’s too late
And when the rain starts falling
It’s too late, It’s too late.

As in the days of Noah

“It’s never rained before…” (x4)

One day, two days, three days gone by
And time, time is ticking by
And I can feel an explosion inside!

People get ready
Jesus is coming
“And many, many scoffers will rise in that day”
And they’ll say

“It’s never rained before…. (x4)

‘Rain rain go away, hide me from the wrath of the Lamb!’ “

And when the rain starts falling
It’s too late.
And when the rain starts falling
It’s too late
And when the rain starts falling
It’s too late
And when the rain starts falling
It’s too late


  1. I got out of bed with revelation of the power of Jesus in mind; searched on these words and got your write-up. Your message contains the same as is in my spirit. God bless you! This is the message the church needs so very much; then to act on the message.

  2. I have been on your site all day. When i read this prophetic word I was blown away just due to the fact. That the Lord within the last few weeks had me tell my church that the destroyer is coming but it will not come to His people. And just this pass sunday the Lord spoke through me (while i was speaking in tongues in front of the church with the interpertation). The Lord said that He is calling His church but they do not hear me. I’m calling my church…..over and over i felt this hurt as the Lord was speaking through me and i began to cry. And you know what i can feel that some received the word while others felt like i wanted to make a show of things. People will not believe until the signs are in action but then it will be too late. God bless you my brother.

  3. We have a new president; he is a small brown-skin guy, that America is looking to keep it from sinking.
    But the Bible warns: “Thou shall have no other gods before me.”

    Does any believe anyone, even this charismatic little guy with the smooth demeanor, will save sinking America?

    Thank God for sites such as this, but I am wondering is too late to save America?

  4. I think the Titanic should be left alone because it is a sacred burail ground and its a major part of history. So lets fight to keep it right! Do not disturbe the Titanic!


  6. Are you kidding. Obama is going to do the final sinking. God has allowed it to be so. Obama has never had any plans to save America. It is time to get out of America.

  7. Very interesting Scott. I have a website about Bible prophecy, the Titanic, and even number 7, and I only read your article now! An interesting coincidence. My website is

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