Posted by: saltyseven | May 13, 2008

Video Update From Scott

[Edit on 02/22/2009: Took video down, horrible quality]

First off, I just want to apologize for not keeping up with the comments and emails some of you have been sending me. I’ll be responding to them sometime today. Things have been crazy, and I’ve always been horrible at keeping up with email.

The music is kind of loud in the beginning so you may not be able to hear me clearly until 35 seconds in. Sorry its boring, I need to learn some
editing skills.


  1. I think you are fantastic and I love the way you write , the lols’ and things….you’re a true heartopener and yes god loves joy and humor , it’s such light and high frequency which naturally attracts like frequency……the 2222 brought me here as I have a connection with these numbers and issues of prophesy , through the paintings I do . They are prophetic to me and interestingly and unexpectedly guided me back to Jesus to god , to the source , the light , slowly but surely . I believe if ones deepest desire is Love , as it always was for me, god will guide you back to the light , which has happened to me personally , out of such unbearable darkness wanting to swallow me up , I set out years ago to rescue myself by turning my life completely around instead of giving up -which would have thoroughly pleased the darkness … lol they didn’t know really who I am 🙂 I reduced the outside influences to a minimum and listened within myself , finding my true inner voice and so finding gods guidance , facing all the challenes , healing all those emotional and mental scars so that the darkness couldn’t find any resonance in me any more . I decided whenever I sense darkness to use it as a reminder to draw even closer to god and thus feel safe and protected . It works and I am awake and aware and healthy now on all levels .
    Now, I am glad I found you here and always interested in what you have to share…..many blessings to you in all ways………….Maria:-)

  2. Did you ever make it to Florida? You don’t know me or anything but I have been blessed big time by your blog. I would totally love it if you would teach how to make money online… I have always had the desire in my heart to do that, and lately I feel God has been giving me the desire to start a blog of my own documenting just the cool spiritual things I’ve been learning in the last few months to help others in the way you have helped me. I have always had blogs but they’ve been stupid pointless ones babbling about my day. I’m done with those kinds of blogs. I just need a name (been praying for God to give me a name for my blog in a dream). That’s great about your turkey vision… I was really contemplating if God really did have a sense of humour, one time (stupid thing to contemplate.. he made the universe including humour, but I was wondering nonetheless). So I asked him to please show me his sense of humour tomorrow. Well, the next day at work I was in a hum-drum mood sitting at the computer, and I sent an email to print out of the printer. We re-use the blank side of old print outs in the print tray. When I went to get it from the printer, out had popped the BOTTOM half only of the statue of David. I didn’t notice this was on the backside of my printed email until I held it up, asking my coworker if “they had seen this” (referring to the email I had just printed). They both broke out in laughter and then I looked up and saw the statue of David’s “wee-wee” staring me in the face. I still laugh when I think of it to this day. God definitely delivered… and with some “riské” humour at that. Right on. PS- What’s 501C3?

  3. I accidently ran into your blog and it is so wonderful. I also loved the videos (especially the Divine Encounters of Bob Jones. If you are going to teach people how to make money online, please e-mail me and let me know.
    The Holy Spirit is real. I have had so many marvelous encounters. So many stories to tell.
    Be Blessed.

  4. Blue..Outta Darkness become Light…I felt the need to say that…ALOT of ppl find God in thier darkness times in thier lives..they find comfort and understanding..peace…and eventually they walk with the Lord the rest of thier lives..when it is thier time when they r ready..but God plants the seed and with the right fertilizer it grows.. Their life garden has to be tilled and weeded and then all the sudden it is like God is the miracles grow in thier garden and it just overflows with vegetation (…
    I too stumbed across the site..i seemed to been drawn to it. Drawn to certain comments and felt the need to reply to them..get ahold of me if i can help in anyway..or if u need help replying to emails..I am very in tune with things I feel..”I feel” is the only way I can describe it…That is how I hear God..He speaks to me in my heart..
    God Bless N Keep U Safe ALWays!

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