Posted by: saltyseven | February 10, 2015

2222 (Dream/Vision)


(EDIT: For the follow up & Interpretation for my dream/vision check out The Key Of David post) 

A littler over a month ago I was watching Patricia Kings show and she had James Goll as a guest. (He is one of my favorite teachers in the seer realm) This particular show was all about dreams, and well James Goll is like the dream/seer guy I look to for teaching. Anyway, to make a long story short at the end of the show they encouraged everyone to ask the Lord for dreams. I never wanted dreams for some reason. lol. I had always prayed something like “God give me visions, let me see, give me revelations..but you don’t have to give me dreams..but you can if you want to”. lol. Soooooo….after watching the show guess what I did? Yep, I asked Dad to give me dreams, I went even further and told him he HAD to give me a dream that night (lol, I did in in a little kid way..Im learning how to convert back into a

So I pray this right before I go to bed. Sometime during the night the Lord woke me up, and I had either a really really quick dream…or it was a vision, I’m not really sure which one it happened so fast. I saw the numbers “2222” scrolling across the screen, I was looking at them from a slant..and I saw them very very clear. Immediately after seeing this I woke up completely and smiled at the Lord..when you have stuff like this happen to you at night somehow almost instinctively you know what is from the Lord and what is just you..when I have a dream from the Lord 90% of the time I wake up immediately knowing. I went back to sleep, and the next day I tried to figure out what it meant. lol.

I turned to page 2,222 of my Bible, I tried a bunch of chapter/verse 22:22 scriptures and I couldn’t seem to find anything. God started speaking to me about the number 444 last year (some people shared it with me, and then God started using it to show me stuff) which for some reason means “Damascus”. So I started thinking maybe it was “222” instead. I knew I saw “2222” but I started talking myself into forgetting about the extra “2” on the end, lol. I ended up finding this really weird “222 mystery” website which was kind of cool. Click Here to check it out, it is pretty interesting. I tried to speak words into the persons life but it didn’t work right, lol..I used a thus saith the Lord format (whoops) and they emailed me back saying “Thank you for the wonderful quote!” who knows. Its about a girl who is getting freaked out about seeing “222” everyday and you are invited to share your freaky 222 sightings. (Side note: 222 to me means “stop looking to man and look to God”. Read ISAIAH 2:22) Back to my topic..

To make a long story short I started reading some guys angelic visitation and in his whole write up was the scripture Isaiah 22:22. He didn’t have the scripture in the text, just casually said “Isaiah 22:22”. Once I saw that the Holy Spirit rose up from within me in a really strong, “OMG THIS IS SO COOL” type of way. He told me to read it and he told me that, that was what he showed me in the “2222” dream/vision. He said this before I read it, so in my mind I’m thinking something like “Uhh oh…I hope its something good.” lol.

ISAIAH 22:22 (NIV)

“I will place on his shoulder the key to the house of David; what he opens no one can shut, and what he shuts no one can open.”

I started praising God and I put my hands in the air in awe. The Lord is so great. I’ll have to write another blog entry “The Key Of David”..I just don’t want my entries to be so long that no one reads them. I’m trying to stay with the supernatural theme with the blog, I’m probably going to start shying away from using this as a journal. I don’t know why anyone would want to read a journal log from someone they don’t personally know. So I’m going to try and keep to supernatural God experiences..there are tons of occult people out there that are searching for something real…spiritually hungry people have to know that our Lord Jesus is a supernatural God, and not just a man made religion.




  1. UPDATE:

    Okay, 222 did mean something apparently. Really weird too. I’ll share about it later.

    HINT: Rt 222 in PA.

    God is funny.

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