About Me & Salty Seven

(Updated 02/23/2008)

My name is Scott Sharpe and I’m 23 years old. When I was 13 years old the Lord woke me up and spoke the words “Salty Seven” into my spirit. I’ve spent my life trying to understand and fulfill those two words. It’s why I’m here.

The Lord encountered me at the age of 19 while I was drunk, alone inside of my bedroom. I gave my life to him that night. A few weeks later he spoke audibly to me and called me by name. He told me how proud he was of me.

Two months later I was baptized in the Holy Spirit. I have not been the same since.

The Lord has been speaking to me in dreams, visions, and 10000000’s of other ways since this time. I love Jesus, and Jesus loves me. :o)

I just packed up and moved to Kansas City on December 29th (2008) in faith. The Lord provided everything for me, and now I’m attending the Forerunner School Of Ministry @ the International House Of Prayer.

And YES I photo-shopped myself. Oh no.



  1. haha… i just noticed what you said about mature.. my mom says “ma-toor”, and it drives me absolutely insane… i’ve told her she’s not allowed to use that word anymore…

  2. Good Job on your youtube stuff- well done! The Lord himself will continue to guide you, lead you and direct you- in everycontinent and even Asia. Bless you


  3. I’m a bit late…but welcome to IHOP.

  4. Thanks Lauren! :o)

  5. Glad your here- last night in downtown KC MO
    a man radically gave his life to Jesus. He was slain in the Spirit, fell backward and on the ground. Demons were cast out of him, there was a company of about 20 people, I think from IHOP, along with the COnga drummers from the Evangelism Dept. People are gathering- a bunch of youth came (under 18 yrs) and said they will return next week.

    God is saving people- these are awesome times! I forgot how great the feeling was, when someone gets saved!

    Glad you are here bro,- We are in the right place, God is doing things.. and we will go farther in God, its time for Teamwork!

    John S

  6. Hey Steven,
    Blessings to you! I found you through youtube. Saw your video blog and wanted to introduce myself. Nice to meet ya my name is Toni Lynn. I am a IHOP U FMA student 2008.
    I pray that God would expand your vision for the prayer requests/video idea.
    Secondly, you mentioned that you help people build their websites? My husband and I need help with ours. If you are still in Kansas City, it would be great to meet up with you.
    Please e-mail us at tonilynnandmark@gmail.com
    By the way the word on America compared to titanic. I picked up something from it. I will disclose when we talk more.

    God Bless You!

    Toni Lynn

  7. I am seeking some spiritual knowledge about the gifts i am walking in. I am singing in the holy spirit as wella s so many other thing I need some answers…I am a prophetess with dreams and open visions…Help in The Lord…lol

  8. Please pray that God will heal my body – I’m in tremendous pain and I want to be healed.

  9. I REALLY wanna know more about Prophetic ministry especially after the Lord has prepared you and now ready to function as a Prophet.

    The Lord showed a Prophet and He prophesied over my life that the Lord has called me to the Prophetic ministry. I prayed about it.

    I have been praying to God and fasting as well to ask Him to direct me so that i can understand how He speaks to me.

    Now How and where do you start to prophesy?

  10. i am so much bless reading your post.. beleive you are truly a prophet from God.

    love Glen,

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