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Hand Of GodIts really crazy and just plain ignorant, how we view ourselves most of the time. (Im talking about you, me, and everyone). We are created in the image of God, the creator, yet we walk around hating ourselves and judging ourselves (and others). All we see is the junk that has been placed on us by the enemy, we are not who we think we are, we are not what we see, we are who God says we are. There are so many issues in the world and in the church today, and I think all of them would be solved if we got an accurate revelation of who we are in God. I am convinced that the most dangerous person on the earth today is a man (or woman) who has an accurate revelation of who he (she) is, a man (or woman) who sees himself as God sees him. That man would literally put hell on a full scale alert. I believe there are many of us that are on our way to this place, while I’m not there yet I wait with an eager expectancy, and with patience.

Once you start getting revelation of who you are the enemy comes in and he casts shadows all around you so you cannot see yourself. (cough: walk by faith and not by sight) You are created in the image of God, and in his likeness so when you see yourself as you are you are tapping into that supernatural creative power that comes from the living God. If you are created in his image then there are certain aspects of God in you that you cannot see, and that the enemy does not want you to find out about. Whoa!! Hello!!!

This is all new to me, so I don’t know exactly where God is taking me with this yet. I have a feeling he is going to keep revealing more and more relating to this. I’m not saying we are “little gods” on the earth, which in a way we are, but I’m not saying that. I don’t agree with the the “little gods” theology, so I don’t want you to misinterpret me. I just cannot stop thinking about this, if we are created in the likeness of him, then there are certain aspects of God inside of us and available to us right NOW by his Spirit that we have not gotten a hold of yet. I’m just like standing in awe of this. How awesome we are, how special we are, how unique each and everyone of us it…because we were created by him, in his image. I’ll illustrate something.

Angelic discernment has begun to increase in me, to the point where I can almost turn it off and on when in the anointing. Not always, but a lot of the time, especially in worship and when the anointing is really strong. I was in worship a couple of days ago in my room, and with the eyes of my spirit I saw angels gathering around me in worship to God. They were also standing in awe of me as I was worshiping…because they saw Jesus/Holy Spirit in me.

My worship attracted some other angels, and this one angel appeared in the corner of my room (in the spirit, not in the natural) and he pointed at me, and he stared in awe and he said “He is worshiping our God”. See, they do not understand us. They are literally in awe of us. Why are they in awe of us? You ready? Because we are created in the image and in the likeness of him (creator God). WOW. That is not just an expression or a nice little thought in scripture, it is a literal truth. Its a hidden truth (it was to me anyway) that we need to press in and ask the Holy Spirit to reveal to us. You want the dead raised in your ministry? If you have an accurate revelation of yourself, then the dead will be raised and the demons will flee. How dangerous is this man of God..how terrifying. lol

That is just so awesome, it blew me away. We are created so awesome, and so special. When I say that I mean in him, and only in him..we can do nothing apart from him. The angels see how awesome we are, and they just don’t understand how we could miss the beauty that God has placed inside of us, HIS DNA is all over us. When we truly see ourselves as we are, then we will turn to him and see him as he his. If we truly see him as he is then we will realize that we were created in his likeness and we will see ourselves and others as we really are.

Just ponder on this.

I’ll be writing about a certain revelation the Lord has been giving me regarding this, now is not the time for it.

The below text is something I got when the angel came into my room.

We are created in his image. The angels stand in awe and they ponder us because we are created in the likeness of him. When we worship, the angels stand in adoration with us, they breathe his life into us, heaven invades earth. As we worship Jesus angels show up to stand in awe and to worship with us, they are drawn towards it. In the spirit I saw an angel appear as I was worshiping with motion with my hands in the spirit, angels appeared and looked to me and said to the other angels “He is worshiping our God” and they breathed on me, they took me closer to heaven. They see the awesomeness of God in us, they see him all over us and they wonder and ponder on why we cannot fathom or comprehend who we really are


  1. please write me i love to flow in the prophetic also.how can i tap into this dimension.these message are powerful.

  2. Hey John. Sorry I’m getting back to you so late, not sure if you still read this. I took a break for awhile.

    Its all about Jesus man. Just read the word…when he speaks to you believe it. It starts with a hunger and a thirst. Even the smallest amount will do at first.

    “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst after righteousness, for they shall be filled.” – Jesus

    “Anything you ask in my name you will receive” – Jesus

    “Greater works than these will you do in my name” – Jesus

    “Teach us how to pray (desire/hunger/thirst)- Disciples

  3. you are right brother for god wanted us to live in his glory and worship our lifes to him.yet man as chose to live the life of man and only pray to him because the churches said thats all he wanted. yet his word of our life was written in the bible as mine was. i do not seek to destroy the law or the word nor the prophets . but the sins of the fathers in the churches i claim for i am the key of david do not seek me for soon all will know

  4. you are the first i have told just know i come in love

  5. What does it mean to have an out of body experience, I could see myself flying around my church and I had wings and then the next day I came across some scriptures in the bible the one scripture I cant remeber where it said but it said I am pleased with you and I know you by name.

  6. yeah i understand using the name of Jesus, but i was more wanting to understand the reasons why Spiritually.
    I have allready laid hands on people and they have been knocked down under the power of God and been healed. I believe anything is possibly in his name.
    But God did answer and pointed me towards the spiritual reasons not mans.

  7. Most Churches Just don’t teach the real meat of the word and that’s what i’m going for.
    There are too many pharasies and scribes out there to know who to talk too these days and the bible does say be not decieved.


  8. This is not a go at anyone here, as so far of what i have read it all seems pretty good.

  9. I have just found this site, i live in NSW Australia, i am 48 and have been a christian since i was 14yrs old.
    I have gone in and out of the things of God for years now but decided to start standing my ground, and operating more in the thing God wants me to do.
    God stated the labourers are few, so i am making myself available to Him more and more aech day.

    I have been to many churches and have been taught more wrongly rather than rightly by churches, i find reading the word myself and asking God for the Wisdom and understanding in His word allways works.
    I am a born again Christian Baptized in water and of the holy Spirit, i speak in tongues, and operate in some of the gifts of the Spirit.

    What else would you like to know?


  10. Is anyone there


  11. Im glad I found this site,Ive been looking all morning when I came upon this,must be G-d.

  12. i was prayer for help for on what talk about to a mens meeting found you prasie the LORD

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